MyDolphin app upgrade for Maytronics M500 robotic pool cleaner

28 October, 2016 | Supplied by: Maytronics Australia Pty Ltd

Maytronics' M500 robotic pool cleaner has received an update, with the MyDolphin App now included with all M500 cleaner purchases.

Maytronics campaign aims to raise $100K for Camp Quality

26 October, 2016 by Alice Richard | Supplied by: Maytronics Australia Pty Ltd

Maytronics Australia has pledged to donate $5 from every Dolphin pool cleaner sold in October to Camp Quality. The company is aiming to raise $15,000 through pool cleaner sales as part of a larger campaign goal of raising $100,000 for the charity.

Letter to the Editor: Additional benefits of robotic pool cleaners — reduced water consumption and chemical use

26 October, 2016 by Grant Brooks, Maytronics | Supplied by: Maytronics Australia Pty Ltd

Keeping in mind that all pools do vary to some degree, let's focus on the principles of operation and maintenance to open a conversation about best practice to find a way the industry can standardise measurement and calculation of savings achieved.

Lo-Chlor secures new distribution agreement

24 October, 2016 by Alice Richard | Supplied by: Lo-Chlor

Lo-Chlor Chemicals has secured the exclusive distribution rights for Bio-Active Products' Cyanuric Acid Reducer and other living microbial pool maintenance products throughout Australia and Oceania.

Lovibond MINIKIT range of rapid tests

18 October, 2016 | Supplied by: Tintometer GmbH

Lovibond MINIKITs are a range of easy-to-use rapid tests designed to help achieve good water quality in pools and spas. The range includes all essential tests needed to complement the two basic parameters of chlorine and pH measurement.

Phosphate removers and algaecides: a how-to guide

17 October, 2016 by Paul Simons, Managing Director | Supplied by: Lo-Chlor

What's the deal with phosphate removers and algaecides? How do they work and how should you use them? Paul Simons, Managing Director of Lo-Chlor Chemicals, explains.

Zodiac Pure Solutions water testing software

14 October, 2016 | Supplied by: Zodiac Group Pty Ltd

Zodiac has launched its Pure Solutions water testing software, a cloud-based offering that helps users recommend the correct amounts and types of chemicals to use, both in-store and on-site. Using the cloud ensures the system is regularly and safely backed up, eliminating the possibility of information being lost.

BioGuard MSA Extreme copper-based algaecide

11 October, 2016 | Supplied by: BioLab Australia & New Zealand

BioGuard's MSA Extreme is a patented, non-staining, highly concentrated copper-based algaecide that kills all types of algae in swimming pools.

Lovibond Three-Chamber Tester

11 October, 2016 | Supplied by: Tintometer GmbH

The Lovibond Three-Chamber Tester with interchangeable colour comparison chart is designed for the determination of disinfectants and pH value.

Lovibond 5 in 1 MULTI POOLTESTER kit

04 October, 2016 | Supplied by: Tintometer GmbH

The Lovibond 5 in 1 MULTI POOLTESTER combines five different testing parameters in a single test kit. This compact, handheld instrument includes an intuitive user interface for running the various tests.

Top end of town: how a pool tech grew a business by being more expensive

29 September, 2016 by Alice Richard | Supplied by: SR Pools

In a world where clients are rarely prepared to pay the full retail price for anything, it's difficult for the little guy to get ahead. By targeting clients at the top end of town, one pool tech turned a struggling service business into a success. He tells us how he made it happen.

Lo-Chlor Starver M phosphate remover

26 August, 2016 | Supplied by: Lo-Chlor

Starver M is a maintenance-style phosphate remover designed to complement Lo-Chlor's Starver X.

Pooltrackr business management app

03 August, 2016 | Supplied by: Pooltrackr Limited

Pooltrackr is a business management app designed by, and for, mobile pool technicians. The app has a simple workflow, including a library of in-built job templates to help business owners get started quickly. Users can import existing contacts and pool information.

Quickrepairs Pool Solutions Slapband Bottle water sample collection bottle

25 July, 2016 | Supplied by: Quickrepairs Pool Solutions

The Slapband Bottle has an extendable 'slap band' that enables the customer to collect a water sample at the appropriate depth without putting their hands in the pool or spa water. When displayed at the front counter with information on how to use the bottle, it helps educate consumers and ensures they receive the most accurate analysis of their pool or spa water.

pH — getting it right

25 July, 2016 by John McKenny | Supplied by: Macquatics Training

What is pH? Simplified, pH — little 'p' and capital 'H' — is the measure of the activity of an acid or alkali in a liquid, such as pool water.

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