Franchise expands model with mobile franchisees

07 February, 2017 by Alice Richard | Supplied by: Swimart

Swimart has enhanced its bricks-and-mortar model with the launch of its first two mobile franchisees, one in Byron Bay and the other in Mackay. This expands the company's network to 73 franchise outlets and more than 250 mobile service vans across Australia and New Zealand.

Cyanurate: stabilising outdoor pools

06 February, 2017 by John McKenny* | Supplied by: Macquatics Training

Cyanurate is probably the most misunderstood and overused chemical in the aquatics industry. Let's go over the basics to clear up any misconceptions. In this article, John McKenny discusses cyanurate: what it does, why it's important and how best to use it.

Pentair Racer LS pressure-side cleaner

23 January, 2017 | Supplied by: Pentair Water Australia Pty Ltd

The Pentair Racer LS pressure-side cleaner is designed for maximum debris material. Its quad-jet technology delivers 25% more cleaning power than other pressure-side cleaners, according to the company.

Pentair Prowler 920 Robotic Pool Cleaner

16 January, 2017 | Supplied by: Pentair Water Australia Pty Ltd

Available from Pentair, the Prowler 920 Robotic Pool Cleaner offers good cleaning for in-ground pools. It gives the pool's walls and floor a deep scrubbing and strong vacuuming action, all the way up to the tile line.

Filtrite Sanit-eezy chlorine-free sanitising chemical range

13 December, 2016 | Supplied by: Clark Rubber

The Filtrite Sanit-eezy range is a chlorine-free solution for use in pools, spas and filtered portable pools. The products do not contain chlorine or bromine, making them suitable for asthmatics and skin allergy sufferers.

Waterco Aqua-Health Mineral Crystals magnesium chloride-based mineral additive

12 December, 2016 | Supplied by: Waterco Limited

Waterco's Aqua-Health Mineral Crystals are a magnesium chloride-based mineral additive. Working alongside existing water-balancing chemicals, the fast-dissolving product improves pool water with a blend of naturally occurring minerals while moisturising skin.

Letter to the Editor in response to Letters to the Editor RE: ‘Adding pool chemicals — carefully’

12 December, 2016

It's quite predictable to receive comments whenever I do presentations or write articles on the addition of common pool chemicals. After all, we're dealing with potentially dangerous, hazardous chemicals. I always welcome comments and feedback should someone disagree with anything I write.

Adding pool chemicals — carefully!

08 December, 2016 by John McKenny* | Supplied by: Macquatics Training

Not understanding pool chemicals, and not knowing the effects they have on the pool water when added, is usually the main cause of poor water quality, which — along with algae growth and frustration — leads to some owners filling in their pool to make a garden.

Letter to the Editor RE: 'Adding pool chemicals — carefully'

07 December, 2016 by Alice Richard

I recently read an article in the Nov/Dec issue of Pool+Spa, which I have to say left me greatly concerned. My concern in particular was with his opinion on alkalinity — and I say opinion as that is what it is; there is no scientific evidence nor legislation that supports this.

Looking outside the box for answers

18 November, 2016 by Alice Richard | Supplied by: BioLab Australia & New Zealand

BioLab's Bill Mansfield was perplexed. He was helping a client whose pool was constantly cloudy. It would not hold an acceptable sanitiser level and they could not work out why. They looked outside the box and found an answer to the problem.

Franchise group honours top performers

17 November, 2016 by Alice Richard | Supplied by: Jim's Pool Care

Jim's Pool Care recently honoured its top performers at its National Awards on the Gold Coast. The group now has more than 89 mobile pool shops around the country, and there was a great turnout of franchise owners at the event.

Loyalty, service and persistence: the making of a Pool Tech of the Year

14 November, 2016 by Alice Richard

2015 Pool Tech of the Year Adam Camilleri's customer service background has been a surprising strength in his role as a pool tech with Pristine Pool and Spa Service. The tech whizz talked to Pool+Spa about his customer service ethos and how he got to where he is today.

Water testing: the basics

07 November, 2016 by John McKenny*, Macquatics Training | Supplied by: Macquatics Training

This is the third in a series of non-technical articles written to assist pool techs understand water testing. Keep your costs down and your pool clean and safe for swimming by following 'Good water matters' in each publication.

LaMotte WaterLink Spin Touch photometer-based pool water testing system

04 November, 2016 | Supplied by: Vendart Diagnostics Pty Ltd

LaMotte has released the WaterLink Spin Touch, which gives users the ability to use the WaterLink Spin system anywhere in the field or in-store without the need for a computer or mobile device.

Bio-Active cyanuric acid reducer

01 November, 2016 | Supplied by: Lo-Chlor

Bio-Active cyanuric acid reducer offers a biological approach to safely and effectively reducing cyanuric acid levels in swimming pools. It is a blend of catalytic microorganisms, enzymes and cofactors designed for clarification of freshwater and saltwater pools, and is compatible with normal chlorine levels.

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