Waterco Britestream LED pool lights

31 August, 2015 | Supplied by: Waterco Limited

Waterco's Britestream LED Lights have undergone significant technical and aesthetic enhancements. The replacement light is now dual voltage, enabling it to be connected to either a 12 V system or a 24 V system.

Neptune Benson Defender automated filter controller

04 August, 2015 | Supplied by: Neptune Benson Australia

Neptune Benson has announced the release of the Defender RMF System Controller, an advanced graphical interface for operating the Defender Regenerative Media Filter.

Protector Aluminium G8Safe Tri Latch triple-safe pool latch gate

31 July, 2015 | Supplied by: Protector Aluminium

The G8Safe TriLatch pool gate latch has been designed to help prevent children under the age of four from gaining access to pool areas by themselves. This in turn reduces the risk of drowning to virtually zero.

Supreme Heating Heatseeker Nova inverter heat pump

31 July, 2015 | Supplied by: Supreme Heating

The award-winning Heatseeker Nova is an inverter heat pump designed to efficiently and consistently heat your swimming pool year-round, while using up to 30% less electricity.

Selling variable speed pumps: how to close the deal

27 July, 2015 by Alice Richard

How can you convince your client to cough up the extra for a variable speed pump? You have to know your stuff, for starters. Our Industry Roundtable brought together five experts who shared their knowledge to give you the info to close the deal on a variable speed pump sale.

Selling variable speed — the view from California

27 July, 2015 by Scott Webb, Executive Editor, AQUA Magazine

The pool and spa industry remains alike the world over. Read on for our northern neighbours' take on how to sell variable speed pumps.

Energy stars — realistic rating or baseline measure?

27 July, 2015 by Dannielle Furness

Our Industry Roundtable on variable speed pumps generated some interesting discussion among participants. It didn't take long for the subject of energy rating systems to raise its head. So, what's the story? Does the program provide a realistic rating and point of difference for consumers, or is it simply a baseline measure?

Covana Evolution automated spa gazebo

25 June, 2015 | Supplied by: Covana

Covana, supplier of automated gazebos that securely cover hot tubs and spas, has introduced the Evolution, which is compatible with a range of spa designs and sizes.

EVO Industries appoints Poolranger as distributor

09 June, 2015 | Supplied by: Evo Industries Australia Pty Ltd

EVO Industries has announced the appointment of Poolranger Pool and Spa Products as a distributor of the Evoheat range of swimming pool heat pumps.

Pool heating myths busted

04 June, 2015 by Alice Richard

Pool+Spa invited all our Industry Roundtable participants - and other pool heating specialists - to bust some pool heating myths. Correcting these myths and having everyone in the industry disseminating the same information will improve the industry's reputation overall.

More myths busted

04 June, 2015 by Alice Richard

In any industry, certain myths always abound - regardless of how much energy is invested in training and awareness. The pool heating industry is no different. We asked three pool heating experts to share their thoughts on pool heating myths they think need to be busted.

Handling the heat: ensuring pool heating meets your clients' needs

27 May, 2015 by Alice Richard

There's more to pool heating than meets the eye. Factors like climate, aspect and infrastructure all need to be taken into account - not to mention the client's needs. Education for the industry, supplier transparency and correct application are vital to the industry's success.

YANMAR Micro Cogeneration CP Series units

13 May, 2015 | Supplied by: Simons Green Energy

Available through Simons Green Energy, YANMAR Micro Cogeneration units use natural gas or biogas to produce electricity on-site while converting the waste heat from the engine into hot water for pool heating, showers, space heating or any other heating requirements.

AstralPool Viron Connect 10 pool and spa controller

07 May, 2015 | Supplied by: AstralPool

The AstralPool Connect 10 enables pool owners to control all pool equipment, including valves, heaters and chlorinators, from anywhere inside the home or by mobile devices when away from home.

Defender Assero regenerative media filter

04 May, 2015

The Defender Assero regenerative media filter is designed for flow rates between 13,000 and 95,000 L/h and fits through a standard doorway.

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