Beach-inspired pool design wins Green Square competition

05 November, 2014 by Alice Richard

Andrew Burges Architects has been announced as the winner of a national competition to design the Green Square Gunyama Park & Aquatic Centre. The design beat 143 other entries with a concept inspired by Sydney's beach pools.

Letter to the Editor: RE Designing pools? Go back to school

13 October, 2014

With regards to your article 'Designing pools? Go back to school', this is the part where David Tisherman is completely wrong. Interesting article but when he gets to this part [about drawing by hand vs computer] it is very clear that any 3D virtual reality design will blow his colour pencils out of the water!

Designing pools? Go back to school

10 September, 2014 by Alice Richard

Listen up, pool builders: David Tisherman thinks you're not qualified to design pools. Read on to find out why the man who's known as the Frank Lloyd Wright of the pool industry believes pool builders need to go back to school.

Slip resistance requirements for specifying aquatic centre tiling

20 August, 2014 by Carl Strautins* | Supplied by: Safe Environments

In many instances, the slip resistance of a surface within an aquatic centre is not measured or compared with national standards until it is too late and an incident has occurred. Safe design and adequate slip-resistant flooring first starts with good specification practices.

Small but beautiful

13 August, 2014 by Alice Richard | Supplied by: Out From the Blue

When Out From The Blue landscape architects first viewed this site, their first reaction was that all outdoor spaces were unusable. The team overcame considerable obstacles to construct the in-ground spa and large garden area.

Attention electronics geeks: The Internet of the Backyard competition is here

16 July, 2014

Here's a challenge for those who geek out on electronic design. The Internet of the Backyard competition challenges designers to design garden-based technology products for parties and activities using the CC3200 LaunchPad and online collaborative platform Plotly.

Now you see it

03 July, 2014 by David Tisherman*

Ten years ago, watershapes designer and builder David Tisherman wrote this article about his design inspirations for WaterShapes magazine. His insights are as relevant today as they were ten years ago.

Five-acre underwater theme park planned for Dubai

03 July, 2014 by Alice Richard

The five-acre Pearl of Dubai underwater theme park aims to cash in on the US$3 billion scuba diving and snorkelling market, while increasing marine life in the area. It is being touted as the world's largest sustainable underwater tourism site.

Finalists announced for Sydney aquatic centre design

18 June, 2014

Sydney's newest aquatic centre and park could include features like an urban beach, a moonlight cinema and wetlands hopping with frogs if finalists in the City of Sydney's competition to design the Green Square Aquatic Centre have their way.

In the name of art - pool builder creates lake

10 June, 2014

A contemporary art exhibition, featuring 99 replica animals drinking from a blue lake, makes an interesting project for a Queensland pool builder.

Getting slip resistance specifications just right

02 June, 2014 by Richard Bowman, Intertile Research

Specifying appropriately slip-resistant surfaces has never been easy. For those architects who seek to specify traditionally used materials it is about to become even harder.

Pool Controls Gemini Combo saltwater management system

13 March, 2014 | Supplied by: Pool Controls

Pool Controls Gemini Combo is a saltwater management system. The Gemini control unit monitors water quality and activates the Gemini Salt Chlorinator as needed, giving clean water and energy savings.

Let there be light

05 March, 2014

In addition to being practical, by allowing pool owners to safely swim in their pool once the sun has gone down, lighting also enhances the design of a pool and can transform a watery shadow into an impressive water feature.

Just Spas SpaTouch touch-screen spa control

03 March, 2014 | Supplied by: Spa Industries Pty Ltd

The SpaTouch is available as a standard feature on all Signature Platinum Range Spas and selected Cyclone Range Spas and is also available as an option on the majority of other Just Spas models.

'Party spa' the solution for Riverview family

03 February, 2014 | Supplied by: Spa Industries Pty Ltd

A difficult landscape convinces Sydney family to choose a spa over a pool.

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