S.R. Smith Splash! Aquatic Pool Lift

20 October, 2016 | S.R.Smith

S.R. Smith's Splash! Aquatic Pool Lifts are made from powder-coated stainless steel and aluminium with a large rotomoulded seat that includes armrests and seat belt.

Spa Electrics MULTI PLUS LED underwater light

18 October, 2016 | Spa Electrics

Spa Electrics' MULTI PLUS LED underwater light has four multicolour modes to suit all occasions and seven static colours that are more intense than previous models. With this light, the company has introduced an RGB+White LED that provides a clean white illumination plus complex colour shows.

Lovibond MINIKIT range of rapid tests

18 October, 2016 | Tintometer GmbH

Lovibond MINIKITs are a range of easy-to-use rapid tests designed to help achieve good water quality in pools and spas. The range includes all essential tests needed to complement the two basic parameters of chlorine and pH measurement.

Zodiac Pure Solutions water testing software

14 October, 2016 | Zodiac Group Pty Ltd

Zodiac has launched its Pure Solutions water testing software, a cloud-based offering that helps users recommend the correct amounts and types of chemicals to use, both in-store and on-site. Using the cloud ensures the system is regularly and safely backed up, eliminating the possibility of information being lost.

Dolphin Wave 200 XL commercial robotic pool cleaner

12 October, 2016 | Orimatech (Poolworx Pty Ltd)

Available from Orimatech, the Dolphin Wave 200 XL cleans any commercial pool up to 50 m, regardless of shape or type. It can be programmed with up to four different pool profiles to enable cleaning of multiple pools within a facility.

BioGuard MSA Extreme copper-based algaecide

11 October, 2016 | BioLab Australia & New Zealand

BioGuard's MSA Extreme is a patented, non-staining, highly concentrated copper-based algaecide that kills all types of algae in swimming pools.

Lovibond Three-Chamber Tester

11 October, 2016 | Tintometer GmbH

The Lovibond Three-Chamber Tester with interchangeable colour comparison chart is designed for the determination of disinfectants and pH value.

SR Smith Anti Wave Lane Lines

07 October, 2016 | S.R.Smith

S.R. Smith's Anti Wave Lane Lines are made with a patented disk design that helps quell swimming pool wave action, keeping water calmer for swimmers and other water enthusiasts.

Supreme Heating Heatseeker Plus elliptical tube strip solar pool heating system

06 October, 2016 | Supreme Heating

Available exclusively through Supreme Heating, the Heatseeker elliptical tube strip system — known as Heatseeker Plus — is suitable for seasonal outdoor use. It is claimed to be the only elliptical-profile system on the market.

Dolphin W20 robotic pool cleaner for shallow pools

05 October, 2016 | Orimatech (Poolworx Pty Ltd)

Able to work in water that is just 20 cm deep, the Dolphin W20 robotic cleaner delivers thorough and fast automated cleaning of shallow pools. It is suitable for cleaning commercial toddler and paddling pools up to 15 m in length with standard or beach entry, and leisure pools of any shape.

Lovibond 5 in 1 MULTI POOLTESTER kit

04 October, 2016 | Tintometer GmbH

The Lovibond 5 in 1 MULTI POOLTESTER combines five different testing parameters in a single test kit. This compact, handheld instrument includes an intuitive user interface for running the various tests.

Dry Togs commercial swimsuit dryer

16 September, 2016 | Swimsuit Dryer Australia Pty Ltd

Dry Togs is a commercial swimsuit dryer that removes up to 95% of water from swimsuits in less than 10 seconds and without heat. It is suitable for any facility with a pool, including commercial swim schools, health clubs, hotels, apartment pools, school sports facilities and hydrotherapy pools.

Poolrite innoSphere blow-moulded pool filter tank

12 September, 2016 | Evolve Group

The innoSphere from Poolrite by the Evolve Group is a lightweight and robust one-piece, seamless blow-moulded tank designed for maximum strength through patented technology.

QIS Solarwise MEE Heat Pumps

05 September, 2016 | Solarwise

MEE (More Energy Efficient) Heat Pumps from QIS Solarwise reduce energy consumption. They are suitable for aquatic centres and resort-style pools where quality heating, product longevity and good performance are of high importance.

Heatseeker Genesis gas pool heater

05 September, 2016 | Supreme Heating

The fast-heating Heatseeker Genesis Gas Heater from Supreme Heating is part of the US manufacturer's Sta-Rite swimming pool equipment range. The heater has a rustproof exterior, smart electronics and good efficiency.

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