Pool Controls Gemini Combo saltwater management system

13 March, 2014 | Pool Controls

Pool Controls Gemini Combo is a saltwater management system. The Gemini control unit monitors water quality and activates the Gemini Salt Chlorinator as needed, giving clean water and energy savings.

Solartherm International racking system

11 March, 2014 | Solartherm International Pty Ltd

The Solartherm International racking system is designed for installations where there is insufficient north-facing roof space.

Ukko Saunas cedar hot tubs

08 March, 2014 | Ukko Saunas & Tubs

Ukko Cedar tubs can be heated in a number of ways including electric, gas, wood fire or heat pump. Due to the natural insulation properties of cedar, the water will stay warmer for longer.

Ezarri glass mosaic tiles

07 March, 2014 | Europe Imports Pty Ltd

Europe Imports has available Ezarri glass mosaic tiles. The tiles are environmentally friendly/sustainable, with 100% recycled glass used in production. Additionally, Ezarri carries an ISO14021 quality certificate for effective management and supports the Green Building Council to promote sustainability in building.

Lo-Chlor Aquaspa chlorine- and bromine-free spa sanitiser

07 March, 2014 | Lo-Chlor

Aquaspa is fully registered with the APVMA as a recognised sanitiser for spas.

Laticrete 4237 latex additive

05 March, 2014 | LATICRETE Pty Ltd

Laticrete 4237 Latex Additive is a specially designed latex additive for use with 211 Crete filler powder to make a high-performance latex thin-set and medium-bed adhesive.

Jewels 4 Pools crystal aggregate pool linings

05 March, 2014 | Jewels 4 Pools

The Jewels 4 Pools crystal pool lining requires minimal maintenance, is smooth on feet, non-toxic, inexpensive and visually appealing.

Aqua-Quip Twister power steering for suction pool cleaners

04 March, 2014 | Aqua Quip

Twister suits all popular suction-style pool cleaners that have a swivel hose connection, fitting to the existing pool hose.

Just Spas SpaTouch touch-screen spa control

03 March, 2014 | Spa Industries Pty Ltd

The SpaTouch is available as a standard feature on all Signature Platinum Range Spas and selected Cyclone Range Spas and is also available as an option on the majority of other Just Spas models.

ProMinent ProCal granular calcium hypochlorite feeder

03 March, 2014 | ProMinent Fluid Controls Pty Ltd

The granular calcium hypochlorite feeder stores chlorine granules then mixes and blends with incoming water in required intervals.

Lo-Chlor Chemicals Starver phosphate remover

02 March, 2014 | Lo-Chlor

StarverX is a proprietary blend of rare earth compounds, natural polymers and enzymes, which will neutralise and remove extreme levels of phosphates within 24 h.

Form and Light WIBRE 4.3061 LED swimming pool lights

01 March, 2014 | Form and Light Pty Ltd

Form and Light WIBRE 4.3061 LED swimming pool lights are linear, recessed, flush mounted and made from marine-grade stainless steel.

Maytronics Dolphin Liberty Pro commercial battery-operated robotic pool cleaner

01 March, 2014 | Maytronics Australia Pty Ltd

The Liberty uses a lithium-ion battery to ensure the robot has maximum suction power, working life and minimal charge times.

Aeware spa control systems

28 February, 2014 | Spatex spa packs are fully programmable to control the equipment in just about any spa fitted with up to three jet pumps and blower.

Poppits V-Pump submersible water pump

27 February, 2014 | Waterco Limited

The V-Pump is a totally submersible pump, designed for draining swimming pools, hot tubs, ponds, aquariums, boats, trenches, construction sites and flooded basements.

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