Mapei Mapesil AC silicone sealant

12 May, 2016 | Mapei

Mapei's Mapesil AC is a single-component, solvent-free silicone sealant with acetic cross-linking at normal temperatures. It is easily workable and available in 31 colours (including transparent) from the company's coloured Grout and Silicone range.

Brauer Industries OzoneSwim residential sanitation systems

06 May, 2016 | Brauer Industries

Brauer Industries has scaled down its commercial ozone technology to produce a residential line of OzoneSwim pool purification systems. The systems combine ozone with a mineral/salt cell to create soft, hygienic and odour-free water for backyard pools and spas.

Creative Drain Solutions Outdoor Shower Base and Grate

05 May, 2016 | Creative Drain Solutions

Creative Drain Solutions' Outdoor Shower Base and Grate is manufactured entirely from 316 marine-grade stainless steel that goes through an in-house electropolishing process that improves the product's resistance to harsh chemicals found in the pool environment.

UV-Guard X-Series UV disinfection system

02 May, 2016 | UV-Guard Australia Pty Ltd

The UV-Guard X-Series UV disinfection system is an efficient UV disinfection system for commercial aquatic applications where high UV doses at large flows are required. The system is Australian WaterMark certified, which validates its build quality in commercial swimming pool environments.

Brauer Industries AOP disinfection systems

29 April, 2016 | Brauer Industries

Brauer Industries has developed a line of secondary advanced oxidation process (AOP) disinfection systems suitable for learn-to-swim, hydrotherapy and aquatic centre pools by combining both ozone and UV technology to produce a highly reactive oxidising agent.

Creative Drain Solutions Advantage-Eco Wall to Wall Pool Drain

29 April, 2016 | Creative Drain Solutions

Designed to be surrounded by three walls, the Advantage-Eco Wall to Wall Pool Drain is designed and manufactured in Australia by Creative Drain Solutions.

Waterco E360 water circulation system

28 April, 2016 | Waterco Limited

Waterco has released the E360 system that helps enhance water circulation, in turn reducing energy and chemical use. Key to the system is the Q360 Turbine Valve, an efficient valve that alternates maximum flow to each of the three nozzle-down jets, ensuring the entire pool is well circulated.

EnduroShield glass coating

13 April, 2016 | EnduroShield

EnduroShield is an ultrathin transparent coating that adheres to the glass surface and provides protection that repels both water- and oil-based stains. It helps protect against staining, build-up and etching from salt and chlorine spray, dirt and grime.

Thermofilm Heatstrip Elegance outdoor-rated strip heater

05 April, 2016 | Thermofilm Australia

Thermofilm has released Heatstrip Elegance, an outdoor-rated strip heater that is off-white rather than the traditional black. The radiant heater blends in with most white ceilings in al fresco, verandah and patio areas for both residential and commercial premises.

Hayward Super Pump VS variable speed pump

29 March, 2016 | Hayward Pool Products Australia

Hayward Pool Products (Australia) has upgraded its Super Pump to a variable-speed model. The Super Pump VS has an 8 star energy rating and delivers up to 80% savings on swimming pool running costs when compared with traditional single-speed pumps. This self-priming pump is designed to provide dependability and corrosion-free service while reducing maintenance requirements.

Sancell polyethylene pool blankets with Streamlined Dome Profile

29 March, 2016 | Sancell Pty Ltd

Sancell has changed the dome profile of its polyethylene pool blankets. The Streamline Dome Profile has a rounded bubble 18 mm wide and just 3 mm high.

Designer Plants Forever Hedge vertical garden range

24 March, 2016 | Designer Plants

Designer Plants' Forever Hedge vertical gardens look real, provide instant greenery, don't require regular maintenance, provide instant results and come in a wide range of designs.

Elite Pool Covers Elite Triple Solar Cell pool blanket

16 March, 2016 | Elite Pool Covers

Elite Pool Covers has changed the design of the pool blanket with the Elite Triple Solar Cell blanket. The design comprises three bubbles formed into one, providing better insulation with a bigger 'still air zone' and a base that is 60% thicker than previous designs.

S.R. Smith Velocity starting block series

07 March, 2016 | S.R.Smith

The Velocity starting block series from S.R. Smith has a sleek, strong fibreglass footboard made with resin injected transfer technology. The large, 817 x 715 mm platform surface is covered with TrueTread, a non-slip composite material with a raised diamond pattern.

Reltech Ecoflo V3 and V5 Pro variable three-speed pumps

03 March, 2016 | Pool Ranger Pty Ltd

Available from Pool Ranger, the Reltech Ecoflo V3 and V5 Pro pumps enable pool and spa owners to choose how to run their pumps in the most efficient way to decrease electricity costs and carbon emissions.

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