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Tuesday, 24 September, 2013

With the outdoor entertaining season fast approaching, you can impress your guests with a simple facelift of your living space. Laying down pavers for a path, entertainment area or driveway can transform a home from dull to beautiful and is easier than you think with the help from the team at Kennards Hire. So here are 10 steps to help you create your paved sanctuary, pathway or driveway.

Before you begin, make sure you have all the right materials and enough pavers to compensate for cutting around edges and obstacles. As well as the pavers, you will need road base, bedding sand and jointing sand.

1) Proper tool selection can make all the difference on your DIY paving job, with the right tools making for a more efficient and stress-free worksite.

2) When prepping the area to be paved, mark it out clearly with pegs and stringline, making sure it is level and free of all vegetation.

3) The area should be kept level but keep drainage in mind - aim for a 20 mm slope on the finished pavers to help with this.

4) Lay the road base over the whole area first, maintaining a 50 mm thickness under paths and 100 mm or more under driveways.

5) Spread the bedding sand over the area and screed to an even surface, 50 mm in thickness with a straight edge.

6) Install the edge restraints, being mindful to use durable materials such as timber, concrete strips or pavers set in mortar, and ensure they match the height of the rest of the paving when finished.

7) Choose your paving pattern and start laying the pavers from the corner.

8) Push each paver firmly into the sand and use a rubber mallet to tap down any that protrude.

9) After the pavers are laid, compact them into the bedding sand with a plate compactor.

10) To finish the job, spread the jointing sand into the gaps between the pavers.

To hire plate compactors, block splitters, brick saws or any other equipment you need for your paving job, visit your local Kennards Hire centre.

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