Do you know your planting success rate?

By Patrick Regnault*
Wednesday, 03 August, 2016

Do you know your planting success rate?

This is an important question that we, as business owners or managers, need to know the answer to.

For small and medium landscaping companies, it is relatively easy to keep records, monitor statistics and understand the reason for any failure. For big landscaping companies, the large amount of plants used may hide the cost of replacing failed planting. Keeping statistical records per jobs and per trimester may help to cut costs and improve not only the margin, but also the reputation of the firm involved.

The success of any planting depends on three factors — plants, soil and labour.


Are the plants suitable for the site? How often do we see planting where the plant selection was done by a person who has no knowledge of the soil, climate or conditions of the region where the site is situated? The stock has to be of high quality, stored and handled with care and planted shortly after arriving on-site.


Understanding the soil in which you will be planting will direct any improvement required to get the best out of the media. Treating all your sites in the same generic manner could add unnecessary costs and be a cause of failed planting.


This is probably responsible for half of all planting failures. Are your employees able to read a plant? Do they know their plants? Most importantly, do they know how to handle and plant?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to all of these questions, you likely have a success rate of between 90 to 100%. If you answered ‘no’, you may want to have a thorough look at your work practice, record keeping and employee training.

*Patrick Regnault has worked in the horticultural and landscaping industry for more than 35 years in three different countries. He is the owner of Interactive Landscapes, a successful structural landscaping and landscape design business, and is a member and Registered Horticulturist with the Australian Institute of Horticulture.

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