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WhisperFlo XF high-performance pool pump

Monday, 06 August, 2012

Whisperflo xf pool pump

With flow capabilities of greater than 750 litres per minute, the new WhisperFlo XF high-performance pool pump is the answer for larger residential and smaller commercial applications.

Until recently, Pentair's standard WhisperFlo pumps met the needs of many small and medium-sized pools. Pools larger than typical residential pools could be plumbed with multiple WhisperFlo pumps, and the multiple-pump approach had been successfully used in many smaller commercial applications. If two or three standard WhisperFlo pumps did not meet the requirements of the pool, installers would opt for a much larger pump. Either approach was acceptable, but neither was ideal.

Sensing a need for a pump to bridge the gap between standard residential-sized pool pumps and much larger commercial-sized pumps, the engineering team at Pentair Aquatic Systems set out to create the all new WhisperFloXF pump. The new WhisperFloXF high-performance pool pump, introduced this year, was developed using the most advanced engineering tools: CFD (computational fluid dynamics) and FEA (finite element analysis).

Moreover, the XF pump platform provides users with easy-to-plumb modular unions that allow for direct connection to either 2.5-inch plumbing or three-inch plumbing. XF also has a larger basket and a built-in carry handle.

WhisperFloXF's impeller design delivers a higher level of precision concentricity for increased efficiency. The XF's hydraulic isolator smoothes the water flow inside the volute, which means faster priming, less turbulence, and maximised hydraulic efficiency. The XF's impeller has a patent-pending assembly method, which allows the two halves to lock together in a robust manner, further enhancing the hydraulic efficiency. With flow capabilities of more than 750 litres per minute, WhisperFloXF is an ideal choice for many applications, especially water features, negative edges and slides.

When it came to the XF lid, testing confirmed the cam-and-ramp lid designed for the original Sta-Rite Max-E-Pro many years ago provided the best reliability and performance; so the development team used the existing lid design as the foundation of the XF's lid design. This transparent lid does not crack, break or fade; its unique cam-and-ramp closure gives just enough force to make a vacuum tight seal; yet it can be opened or sealed without special tools. The WhisperFloXF joins the existing WhisperFlo pump in Pentair's pump assortment; broadening the overall range of product offerings, and expanding the availability of pumps which provide exceptional performance in a wider range of applications.

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