Waterco Hydroxzone Ozonator sanitisation system

Wednesday, 30 October, 2013 | Supplied by: Waterco Limited

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Waterco has launched its Hydroxzone Ozonator, a powerful sanitisation system. The Hydroxzone is one of the key components of Waterco’s Hydroxypure chlorine-free pool system and it is designed as a standalone product for both new and existing swimming pools.

The Hydroxzone Ozonator uses hybrid patented technology to produce not only ozone but also hydroxyl radicals, which, combined, add another level of effectiveness in terms of oxidation and sanitation.

The Hydroxzone system uses a modified VUV (high-intensity ultraviolet light) ozone tube as a corona electrode to simulate nature (hybrid ozone acts like the sun). The result is an ozone generator that produces ozone using corona discharge technology and high-energy light in one system.

The main benefit of the system is an additional ‘layer’ of sanitisation.

The Hydroxzone Ozonator can be used in pools with manual or automatic chlorine dosing and also with salt chlorinators.

The Hydroxzone uses a Dynamic Venturi Injector, whereby the pool water is mixed with the ozone/air mix at the throat of the injector through a narrow annular orifice, thus creating very small bubbles. This method of delivery allows the bubbles to be sustained in the water, maximising the efficiency of the ozone mass transfer.

Online: www.waterco.com.au
Phone: 02 9898 8600
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