Chemigem and Saltigem - The best of both worlds

Wednesday, 04 July, 2012

Chemigem and saltigem

Chemigem and Saltigem are working together to provide a complete solution to saltwater pool management. The Chemigem D10 VP Water Management System is specially configured to allow a Chemigem to control the Saltigem - or other brand saltwater chlorinator.

It's ideal for use on swimming pool and spa combinations, particularly in semi-commercial applications. It's also simple to use - just plug Saltigem into the Chemigem D10 VP and the Chemigem will control the chlorinator to ensure chlorine levels are maintained at pre-set levels.

The Chemigem D10 also measures and controls pH levels automatically, greatly increasing the efficiency of the Saltigem.

Chemigem D10 VP

A Chemigem D10 VP system controls the output of a salt chlorinator to ensure a spa is safely sanitised but not over-chlorinated. The Chemigem D10 VP analyses the water using its multi-electrode probe and uses this information to control the output of the salt chlorinator. The Chemigem D10 VP system also manages the pH of the water to make sure chemical usage is as efficient as possible.

Installing a Chemigem D10 VP Water Management System will ensure chlorine levels do not peak too high and damage pool blankets.

The Chemigem D10 VP Water Management System is compatible with chlorinators utilising mineral salts (such as magnesium chloride).

Chemigem and Saltigem are made in Australia and are backed by a two-year warranty and a national service team.

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