Controlled growth with optimum water quality

Monday, 16 July, 2018 | Supplied by: Tim Batt Water Solutions

The Cityfit Swim School in Bathurst offers a valuable service to the local community. In operation since 1990, the school’s mission is to deliver a competency-based ‘learn to swim’ program that enhances students’ ability to have fun and survive in and around water.

The school’s owner and operator, Gary Webster, decided that although water quality had always been good, constraints with the current treatment system would not support the increase in patronage and bather numbers that he was looking for. He began to research solutions and — after speaking with potential suppliers and other swim school operators — determined that a treatment plant upgrade would enable him to grow the business, while improving water quality. Webster elected to work with Tim Batt Water Solutions (TBWS).

TBWS assessed the current set-up and elected to arrange the installation of a UV system for chloramine removal, as well as a chemical control system upgrade to facilitate superchlorination and remote monitoring and control, as well as automated record keeping. Components included a Wallace & Tiernan Barrier M525 medium pressure UV system, a BECSys5 controller and PC software, as well as the BECSysNow! mobile app.

The UV system is designed for easy installation directly into the filtered water line going back to the pool. With horizontal or vertical positioning options, it features ‘light trap’ stainless steel elbows on either side and a safety glass strainer immediately downstream. Since installation, Webster has reported a significant drop in chloramine levels — it now typically runs in the combined chlorine range of 0.2 to 0.6mg/L, well under the NSW Health maximum allowable level of 1.0 mg/L.

Webster also noticed an increase in pool water clarity coupled with a reduction in chlorine odour — both in the air and on bathers’ skin after swimming. Analysis also shows that the ORP mV rate of disinfection has increased by 20–30 mV, meaning the chlorine is now working more effectively.

The chemical control system upgrade meant moving from a well-proven Strantrol controller to the same manufacturer’s BECSys5 controller, as used at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre in this year’s Commonwealth Games. The controller provides pH, ORP mV, free chlorine and temperature readouts as standard with capacity for additional optional sensors that measure total/combined chlorine, TDS, turbidity, filter plant flow, pressure and vacuum. The BECSys5 also provides the ability to set up automatic superchlorinations at night if they are ever required.

One of the most useful and unique controller features is the inclusion of Ethernet connection via ‘BECSys for Windows’ PC software and datalogging. The free software enables remote monitoring of the pool from connected computers or via a mobile device. Connection to a PC gives the added benefit of remote control of the Sys5 settings, including continuous graphing of all readings and events. This advanced automatic feature takes the form of a building management system graph, with the ability to zoom in on time/days and to customise reading and event data presentation.

Webster sees great potential for remote monitoring when he is away from the facility, allowing him to check current water chemistry levels at any time, from anywhere. He can easily remind staff to make changes if any are required, as well as convert system-generated email alarm notifications to text messages for mobile devices if necessary. Webster has found that the monitoring system is also reducing time required in the plant room by enabling constant and accurate pool condition data.

Investing in the latest equipment has delivered immediate efficiencies, giving Webster the opportunity to grow Cityfit Swim School while still delivering better water quality for patrons — a win-win situation for Cityfit and its clientele.

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