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Saltigem SG Series salt chlorinators

Tuesday, 07 December, 2010

Many people are familiar with Pool Controls' popular Chemigem controller. Now Pool Controls offers the Saltigem SG to those pool owners that like a salt pool. The operation of Saltigem is simple - put salt into the pool and the Saltigem cell energises the chloride part of the salt thus converting it to free chlorine. When the free chlorine has done its job (of killing micro-organisms in the pool) it reverts back to chloride again.

To all intents and purposes Saltigem is a recycling machine for keeping your pool healthy. Saltigem needs very little salt to operate effectively - half the salt required by other brands of salt chlorinator. A Saltigem SG unit needs just 3 grams of salt per litre to function. You will hardly notice that it is there. Clear, sparkling water and happy, healthy swimmers - Saltigem and Pool Controls.

The Saltigem SG series uses its versatile timer system to periodically reverse the cell polarity to keep the cell electrodes free of scale. This almost eliminates maintenance of the system.

Saltigem uses an advanced process-based timer, not an oldfashioned mechanical type that can be fouled by insects (thus voiding the warranty). The timer is simple to set up and makes seasonal adjustments a breeze. Instead of adjusting filter cycle times, up to 4 cycles can be added so that making seasonal adjustments is a matter of selecting a number between 1 and 4.The LCD display shows you what the timer is doing and when it will next start or stop. If the unit is turned on for a quick swim and the user forgets to turn it off, it will simply turn off at the next off time. There is even a provision for running the unit for a set period from 1 to 48 hours - great for a quick swim, filtration boost or super chlorination. The unit will also allow an external timer to take control if a home/pool automation system is already installed.

A big killer of pumps is dry running. Saltigem will monitor the cell for a gas build-up (when the water flow stops). If gas is detected in the cell not only will it be turned off, but another timer is activated to turn the pump off in around 2 minutes. This will save your pump from a quick death while still allowing time for your filter system to prime.

This feature can also limit your back washing in case you forget to stop it.

Saltigem has a simple yet versatile control system for operation and programming. Options are shown on the LCD display and only the buttons that can be used for the next programming selection are backlit to prompt the user. The processor doing all the "heavy lifting" is a modern FLASH based type that remembers how it is programmed if the power runs out, with a NiMH rechargeable back-up battery to keep the clock running in case of power failures. The timer also runs the polarity reversal system in the Saltigem SG series to avoid uneven cell wear - even if the power is removed sometimes. The timer can run an optional light transformer, so that pool lighting can be turned on and off automatically.

Please compare Saltigem to others in its price range - some other brands charge extra to have a basic timer included! Some other control features:

  • fully regulated cell current with pulse width modulation-based system output control

  • time-division averaged conductivity measurement with integrated manual temperature compensation - used to make sure you have the right amount of salt in the water, and the cell is not being overloaded

  • overload shutdown - stops the cell if there is an overload (e.g. salt in skimmer) and rechecks every hour to see if has cleared

Saltigem comes standard with a timed outlet for your light transformer. This allows you to program your pool light to be turned on and off automatically.

Unique to Pool Controls: a new form of pH Control without a pH probe - saving you money and maintenance time. The computer running the Saltigem unit uses internal data and cell measurements to predict pH changes.

It then calculates when and how much acid to add to your pool to keep the pH in range. You can even set a manual dose for large adjustments - e.g. after adding buffer. This unit utilises "plug and play" technology so installing pH valves to existing units is simple.

For further information contact bruce.s@poolcontrols.com.au

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