Protector Aluminium G8Safe Tri Latch triple-safe pool latch gate

Friday, 31 July, 2015 | Supplied by: Protector Aluminium

Product Name

G8Safe Tri Latch (triple-safe pool gate latch).


The G8Safe TriLatch pool gate latch has been designed to help prevent children under the age of four from gaining access to pool areas by themselves. This in turn reduces the risk of drowning to virtually zero. Developed in conjunction with Melbourne gate hardware manufacturer Safetech, G8Safe’s aim was to design a gate latch system that would boost the standard of child safety around swimming pools to levels never seen before. The company claims the The TriLatch simply cannot be opened by children aged four and under.

What features separate this product from others on the market?

According to G8Safe, the TriLatch is the safest pool gate latch in the world. The ‘Push Button’ top pull design will help keep young children out of gated areas by preventing them from operating the latch, regardless of their creativity and use of any garden tools, toys or furniture that may be available to them. Any user installing a Tri-Latch on the pool gate will increase the safety of the pool area, providing peace of mind for parents and added security for their children.

What significant benefit does it offer to the installer?

The TriLatch is sold throughout Australia and New Zealand via Bunnings Warehouse. The latch fits all pool-compliant fencing. The alignment pips, which are built into the latch, enable even a relatively inexperienced DIY enthusiast to install the latch in less than 10 minutes. The packaging provides DIY, conformity and warranty information, enabling consumers to make the most informed purchasing decision.

The product is encased in a clear plastic seal to allow the consumers to see the product in its entirety. The safety button extrudes from the plastic seal and invites consumers to try the opening mechanism before purchasing. As well as the clear, easy-to-read information on the packaging, two brochures are offered at point of sale. One brochure covers the whole range of G8Safe products whilst the other provides upfront information on installation.

What significant benefit does it offer to the end user?

The G8Safe TriLatch provides parents with greater peace of mind. While not a replacement for parental supervision, it will provide a permanent barrier to the pool for young children in those real-life moments when distractions occur. The product’s ‘Push, Hold, Lift’ safety system requires dexterity levels not normally found in children aged 0–4. Practical applications have even seen children up to seven years old unable to unlock the TriLatch.

Are there any design/construction/compliance elements that make it stand out?

G8Safe says the TriLatch will greatly reduce, if not eliminate, children aged 0–4 from drowning in Australian swimming pools. There are a number of significant advances incorporated into the development of the product, which complies to Australian Standards for Swimming Pools (AS 1926.1-2012).

The product features a three-stage opening process: 1. Push — Push down the red safety button; 2. Hold — Ensure the safety button is pressed down continuously to release the internal lock; and 3. Lift — Lift the top pull knob to release the magnet which unlocks the gate.

With standard strikers, there is a risk that if the gate is slammed it can bounce back from the latch and not close, ie, just rest against the latch. The ‘Hook Striker’ ensures a secure latch every time, even when gate posts are not stable. Other advances include: a special O-ring underneath the top pull mechanism that seals the latch system to stop debris from getting inside; alignment pips which ensure easy installation by allowing DIY installers to correctly align the striker with the latch; a key-lockable mount for deadlocking the gate; E-Coated aluminium finish for added durability; and a long-lasting, sleek look.

Additional information

The TriLatch is the only pool gate latch endorsed by Royal Lifesaving Australia and Water Safety NZ. G8Safe works closely with these organisations to spread the safety message.

Phone: 07 5476 5022
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