UV disinfection gives drinking-water chlorine levels

Sunday, 31 July, 2016 | Supplied by: UV-Guard Australia Pty Ltd

In traditional chlorine-disinfected swimming pools and spas, the high levels of chlorine react with human sweat and urine to form new chemicals that have been linked to asthma, allergies and even cancer. These by-products of chlorine, known as chloramines, are what cause skin and eye irritations in swimmers and the characteristic odour of chlorinated pools.

It was these unpleasant odours and negative effects on swimmers, coupled with the ongoing cost of purchasing chemicals, that made John Comino look for an alternative option to disinfect the water in his backyard swimming pool.

“Prior to installing our UV system, we used sand filtration and manual chlorination. However, I was sick of using chemicals and copper silver systems that can stain the pebblecrete surfaces of our pool. I came across UV water disinfection and it seemed like the most sensible choice with the least amount of maintenance,” Comino said.

Water disinfection specialist UV-Guard offered Comino an alternative solution to water disinfection for his pool that allows chlorine levels to be as low as in drinking water.

“While using UV, chlorine use can be reduced by up to 90% to levels as low as 0.5 ppm — similar to concentrations found within drinking water. This provides swimmers with a much more comfortable experience and filters are required to be backwashed less frequently, resulting in less water usage,” UV Guard Technical Director Luke Chamberlain said.

“UV water disinfection inactivates bacteria, viruses, moulds and spores, even the ones that chlorine doesn’t, while removing the nasty by-products of chlorine, so it’s the ideal solution to ensuring your pool water is fit for swimming without the need for large doses of chemicals,” Chamberlain said.

UV water treatment disinfects water, deactivating microorganisms including the chlorine-resistant Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Plus UV reduces chloramine levels, meaning no more skin and eye irritations and a better breathing environment for asthmatics.

UV-Guard worked with Comino to design a UV system specific to his needs, taking into account total pool volume, peak flow rate of the existing recirculation pump, swimming pool use and existing filtration type. These parameters were used to establish the correct UV dose required, which identified UV-Guard’s UVG SLT125 model as being the suitable UV disinfection system choice.

“I wanted to use UV because it meant I wouldn’t have to purchase or store dangerous chemicals, there’s less maintenance, no skin or eye irritations and no damage to the pool surface. Plus it was easy to install with a simple addition to our pipework,” Comino said.

“Since installing our UV system, our pool water is clean and I have had to spend significantly less at the pool shop. Maintenance is also very simple. I’m really pleased I made the change to UV.”

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