Peninsula Hot Springs

Thursday, 23 May, 2013

Peninsula Hot Springs are natural hot springs and day spa located on the Mornington Peninsula in Fingal, Victoria. The 50-degree, naturally-hot mineral spring water flows from 637 metres below the surface. The water runs directly to the pools, which range from 37 to 43 degrees celcius.

The planning of this project has taken approximately ten years and the construction, eight years. Stage one and two have been completed and stage three is now at the working drawing stage. An enormous amount of time and commitment has been spent on the project by Aquarius Pools' in-house hydraulic specialist, David Iles and the Aquarius team.

The project includes over 20 small pools and spas, a 100 000 litre retention tank, underground valve pit complete with 40 automatic valve actuators and purpose built, touch-screen control system. The project also includes a 200mm diameter distribution manifold at the extraction boar; take off and circulation pumps for the hydraulic heating, hydraulic design, plus much more, which has all been completed by Aquarius Pools.

The hydraulic design had many challenges. Geothermal water demands the use of high-quality non-corrosive and serviceable plumbing, valves, fixings and pumps. The soiled water returns are gravity fed back to the retention tank meaning careful attention to pipe levels was imperative. The reinjection boar was located 300 metres away from the retention tank, therefore plumbing, pumps and pipe runs presented challenges.

Commercial blowers have been used on some pools with the blower carefully designed into the landscape to minimise noise for bathers. The use of highly mineralized natural geothermal waters has the potential to create ongoing concerns with staining and also with the potential blocking of pipes due to mineral build-up. To counteract this, the colour and design of the pools blended with the natural environment to ensure any mineral build-up that occurs will enhance the look and feel of the experience. Pipes were also upsized to allow for mineral build-up and cleaning procedures were developed to clear away any scaling that occurs.

The pool surrounds used a great deal of limestone that was quarried on site. Materials were reliant on what the excavator could find on site, this presented a great opportunity but also a challenge in needing to make the most of scarce resources.

The use of natural thermal waters which are filtered and re-injected into a separate aquifer means there is minimal water loss from the system. The result is that the pools themselves use no mains water and result in minimal water consumption.

This project stands out because the design and location are so unique. With the natural flow of the land in mind, the owners, Richard and Charles, perceived that there could be a central stream that flowed down the valley off which pools would be scattered. The idea was to create an intimate relationship with the natural surrounding landscape.

The completed facility will include relaxation facilities, such as a bathhouse and café. The bathhouse has over 20 small pools and spas which include foot and hand baths, a hydrotherapy watsu pool, bubble bath couches, reflexology walk, massaging thermal mineral showers, a vapor cave pool, Turkish steam bath, sauna, cold plunge pools, a bathing valley with a moon-viewing pool and a hill-top pool with a 360 degree view of the surrounding landscape.

This project has already won several awards including the SPASA 2012 Pool of the Year, SPASA 2012 Best Commercial Pool - Gold award, SPASA National Award 2012 - Best Commercial Pool over 250,000 and the SPASA National Award 2012 - Most Sustainable Pool.

Aquarius Pools was established 32 years ago by the family of Chris Jackson, Aquarius Pools' current Managing Director. Aquarius Pools specialize in custom built, high quality, architectural concrete pools and spas, and aim to provide a lifetime of enjoyment for their clients. For more information visit

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