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Friday, 22 February, 2013

In the leafy Eastern suburb of Beaumont, South Australia, Quantum Pools took a pin board full of images and made it into a reality. The finished result used many natural materials to combine a pool, spa, waterfall and beach. Anthony Polkinghorne from Quantum Pools discussed this project with Pool + Spa.

The client's brief was in the form of a pin board full of photos of pools that they liked for different reasons. I was allocated space and asked to come up with a pool that utilized all of the aspects that they wanted. There needed to be a spa, a waterfall and a beach. I came up with a few options using Pool Studio design software and the contract was signed knowing that we were both on the same page with what was to be achieved. Throughout the project the customer had absolute faith that what we were doing was what they wanted.

A successful pool must blend into the environment. Even though this house has federation influences with a terracotta tiled outdoor area, the pool with its flowing lines and natural finishes blends in well and creates a real oasis in the backyard.

The rock-work is the real feature of this pool and this was completed by Just Rocks, they had a large range of rocks on site that enabled them to use the right ones to get a natural look and reach the required height. The waterfall has a large concrete base for stability and all of the rocks leaning forward are mortared into place to ensure there are no leaks. There is a 50mm manifold at the rear of the waterfall with three two-way valves to ensure that there is just the right amount of water running over the waterfall and in the right place. We spent a lot of time flattening pipes, drilling pipes and watching to ensure that the effect is right. The top of the waterfall is perfect for the kids to climb and jump from. The waterfall also creates a little grotto for the moss rock seat that is submerged in the pool.

Long square-edge rocks within the pool, create the step up to the hand laid pebble beach. Fan water return fittings have been laid in the floor of the beach to ensure that the water circulates well and doesn't become an area for algae growth. Around the balance of the pool we have laid Kanmantoo random 50mm thick natural stone, this has also been used on the spa spillway and seat top. Using it in the spa as the seat top enabled us to keep the tiling looking smart even with the unusual shape. The spa controller was recessed into the face of a moss rock. The pool is kept clean with two Poolrite SK2500 skimmer boxes, a Magnapool filtration system and a Maytronics M4 robotic cleaner that the customer loves.

Whilst excavating for this pool we uncovered a sewer main, Telstra cable and a main unfused power line, all of these were rerouted around the pool. We also had to work around the critical root zone of 2 significant trees. The rocks were positioned in the pool using a five tonne excavator that was positioned with the pool.

Originally the pool was to have solar heating, however shadowing and the intricate roof-line meant that this was not possible. Because we were using gas for the spa we decided to increase up the size of the heater to accommodate the pool. The gasfitter not only had to run a large gas line to the new gas pool heater but he also had to increase the size of the meter feeding the house and the supply feed to the house needed to be increased.

When we finished our job there was very little more that the customer had to do to get the area looking like it is today. We worked around the existing garden. I am glad that the customer let us build a custom shaped pool like this because so many of the jobs that we do we are limited by geometric shapes and this freeform shape enabled us to utilize the area to its fullest.

This pool won the SPASA SA Gold Award for Residential Concrete Pool, Freeform of Natural over $100,000 and also won the SPASA National Silver award for the same category.

Top Tip: While natural products take more planning to use and longer to lay, they enable you to achieve unique shapes and effects.

Pool Specifications:

  • Pool Builder: Quantum Pools
  • Designer: Quantum Pools and the Client
  • Construction Materials: 40mpa concrete shotcrete
  • Interior: Fully tiled in Ocean Spray pool mosaics, natural moss rocks as the seat and steps, natural round pebbles as the beach and Kanmantoo stone as the spa seat and spillway
  • Dimensions: 12m x 6m average, 1.2m to 2.0m deep
  • Filtration: Magnapool 150 media filter with Diamond Kleen
  • Pump: Magnastream 700
  • Sanitisation: Magnapool hydroxinator
  • Cleaning: Maytronics M4 robotic cleaner
  • Heating: Astral Pool Viron 450
  • Lighting: Spa Electrics WN950 multi LED lights with remote

About Quantum Pools

In 1996, Quantum Pools was founded by Paul Hazel who had been working in the pool industry for over 20 years. In 2001 Paul's brother-in-law Anthony Polkinghorne took over the business. Quantum Pools' business is spread over new and renovation work on both commercial and residential concrete swimming pools and has a skilled and stable pool of trades that work with them. Their specialty is high-quality, whether it be in the products used or level of workmanship and running within scheduled completion times.

Quantum Pools

42 Beulah Road, Norwood, SA, 5067

Ph: 08 8132 1111

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