Poolside glamour

Tuesday, 18 September, 2012

Poolside glamour

A stainless-steel infinity pool takes centre stage in one of the world's most glamorous locations - Cannes, France.

Five Hotel & Spa, in one of the most luxurious spots on the Côte d'Azur, is one street up from the famous Boulevard de la Croisette (Cannes' main street, lined with bistros and high-end boutiques). The hotel exudes the sophisticated charm and spirit of the area. It is also within walking distance of the yacht harbour and Palais des Festivals, home to the annual fi lm festival.

With a style that marries vintage Riviera glamour with contemporary luxury, all of the hotel's accommodations - designed by renowned interior designers Marc Hertrich and Nicolas Adnet of Studio MHNA - offer a refreshing twist in the legendary destination.

Taking inspiration from five continents, artisans were commissioned from around the globe to create luxurious, handcrafted pieces for this 45-room hotel, which opened in June 2011.

On the rooftop, guests are offered one of the best views of the old city and a zen pool area. The stainless-steel infinity pool, created by French company Steel and Style, is complemented by blond cumaru timber decking, big white comfortable day beds, turquoise walls and three waterfalls.

Pool + Spa spoke to Five Hotel & Spa about this spectacular rooftop pool, which is just the spot for some time out from the red carpet and movie stars.

Tell us about the pool - how does it work? What special or unique features does it have?

The infinity pool, situated on the hotel's rooftop terrace, is made with inoxidable metal and measures 13m x 3.5m.

What was the brief the hotel gave? What did they want from the pool and surrounds?

The pool had to be refined and functional. The overflow erases the metallic aspect, for a zen and relaxing ambiance.

Advantages of stainless-steel pools, according to Steel and Style, France

  • Permanently sealed to ensure longevity of the structure.

  • Sealing sustainable over the long term.

  • Repairs simple and quick.

  • No seals, so no risk of cracking, porosity, or other defect in the degradation typically observed.

  • Not sensitive to frost, so no degradation or need for antifreeze.

  • Less vulnerable to vandalism, as laceration is impossible.

  • Malleability means easy processing, allowing a range of shapes and free design.

  • Ecologically sustainable - 100 per cent recyclable.

  • Stainless steel retains its value.

  • No additional cost of landfill because recycled.

  • Generates less waste on site during assembly.

  • Prefabricated in a factory.

  • Minimises concrete work.

  • Complies with health and safety regulations.

  • Cleaning is easy and quick.

  • Flexibility in design allows pushing the boundaries of the concrete tile.

  • Customised design is always possible.

What do you consider the principles of good design and how does this project relate to that?

Good design is an affair of style - it is "the norm" for the customer.

What specific products were used in the project, such as heating systems, cleaning systems, filtration, coping, tiles etc?

A heat pump for a good temperature (80.6° Fahrenheit [30°C]), an underwater robot for cleaning, conventional filtration system with three sand filters and pre-filter on the pump, and automatic metering pumps to maintain chlorine rate/pH in a directinjection closed circuit.

Who designed and built the pool?

Steel and Style. All of the company's pools can be positioned indoors or outdoors, for either public or private use. The company builds its custom stainless-steel pools in Bordeaux, France.

What makes this pool stand out from the rest?

The zen and relaxation part of the pool with the contrast of the inox material.

How long did it take to build?

Building and installation took about 11 months.

Any challenges involved in the build or design?

The pool was delivered by four big cranes from the street (the famous Croisette) to the hotel rooftop.

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