Letter to the Editor RE: 'Multiple pools on one set of equipment'

Friday, 27 May, 2016

Letter to the Editor RE: 'Multiple pools on one set of equipment'

While in most cases to connect three pools to one pump and filter may not be the best thing to do, it is possible if certain conditions are met.

The aim must be to get the same filtration or water turnover rate for each body of water:

  1. All three pools must be on the same level and contain the same volume of water.
  2. The pools must be interconnected with a balancing pipe to adjust for minor differences in flow to and from each pool. Trying to adjust for this with valves in the plant room will never work without continual adjustments.
  3. The skimmer or other suction outlets for each pool must be connected to a loop manifold with a single outlet from the manifold to the pump.
  4. The return line from the filter must enter a similar loop manifold then take off to each of the pools.

Where the length of pipes, number of fittings, etc, from the manifolds to and from the pools varies, the actual head loss and thus flow will vary slightly. This is the reason for the balancing pipes referred to above.


Cal Stanley


Neptune Pools

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