Letter to the Editor: RE Designing pools? Go back to school

Monday, 13 October, 2014

Letter to the Editor: RE Designing pools? Go back to school

With regards to your article ‘Designing pools? Go back to school’, this is the part where David Tisherman is completely wrong. Interesting article but when he gets to this part [about drawing by hand vs computer] it is very clear that any 3D virtual reality design will blow his colour pencils out of the water!

Let’s face it, David - the computer is much faster and will give more visualisation to any person. You’re stuck in the old school world and it’s just a bait and hook method to sell your $5000 course! I would say learn how to use the computer.

Kayne Marzetti

Pool Design Consultant Inc.


I agree with Kayne. 3D software for final presentation and construction documents is by far the better choice. Mr Marzetti’s portfolio, and I believe 30 years of education, speaks for itself. Hand drawings in the field for the initial consultation have their place, but those skills can be learned via the internet and a little practice.

However, Mr Tisherman, whom I have met and is a very smart guy, is correct in his assertion that a good education in proper design principles and architectural styles is the backbone of what makes an individual a designer or just an excellent installer.

As a ‘newbie’ designer, I have noticed that most home owners and especially contractors are reluctant to move away from the ‘same ole, same ole’, resulting in the ‘same ole, same ole’. My point being, education is the difference. It allows the designer the ability to say “No, this is better” and be able to explain why, reminding the client why they hired you. It’s a win-win for everyone. On the other hand I would like to remind Mr Tisherman that very few of us get to regularly work with clients that can afford three or four hundred thousand dollar pools.

Brandon Paul

Coastal Hardscape Supply Owner/Designer


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