STEELing the Limelight – Metal Pools a Reality

By Rebecca Brennan
Friday, 22 February, 2013

Established in 1988, Ox Engineering has become renowned for its excellence in engineered architectural metalwork, large format metal fabrication, urban street furniture and signage products. With the completion of their first pre-fabricated steel swimming pool, they have one more specialty to add to their credentials. Pool + Spa Magazine explored this exciting, new project.

The team from Ox Engineering was already manufacturing a housing system constructed from pre-fabricated steel, so the concept of a pool constructed from pre-fabricated steel was just the next step.

The pool is made up of modular pieces that are easily connected to create a fully functioning lap pool. More pieces can be added to make it longer. The pool is made up of toughened glass and Chlorine-resistant stainless steel. Designed to be mounted on piers and cantilevered just above the ground, it makes the pool perfect for areas with limited access or where excavation is difficult due to confined space.

The construction of the pool is extremely flexible, allowing it to be configured and transported in different sections and arrangements to suit both client, logistical and site requirements. The pool length can vary to meet any client's special needs and budget, allowing purchase of additional sections to increase the length of the pool. A spa segment can be included at one end of the pool, with a specially designed polycarbonate section divider that slides in with ease.

The chlorine resistant stainless steel that lines the pool is now very desirable in commercial and home kitchens. It is durable, tidy and lasts a lifetime with minimal maintenance.

Because only limited room is needed to install this pool, it is perfect for any ground or first floor addition to, a terrace house, duplex or smaller courtyard space. The practicality of this pool lies in the fact that it's now like any other household furnishing item - it is simple to assemble and easily removed should an owner wish to take it when they relocate.

The pool has 6 jets (inlet) encased with glass the pool has multi-tasking capacity as it can be turned into a swim pool with resistant jets. It has a cartridge filter and a heater can be added. Many other special client requirements can be included with ease.

Terry Tisdale, owner of Ox Engineering group, has been in the business for 25 years and has invested a lot of time, effort and money into the research and development of this project. "The most rewarding part of this project was working with a pool expert, Richard Dunn from 'The Pool Clinic' at Georges Hall, who was very excited and enthusiastic about the great potential to make this very accessible and portable pool and spa. As well, it has great filtration and is easily maintained", Mr Tisdale said.

"The pool has been designed to use liquid chlorine, the cheapest and most effective method of cleaning and maintaining a pool in today's environment."

"One of the pool's greatest benefits is its transportability. The ability to quickly and easily partition a heated spa section with a clear polycarbonate divider to create a fully functioning spa is another big plus, or just buy the elegant spa module and later add to it, the lap pool or vice versa add the spa later."

Digital Design and Manufacture

With the advent of Computer Aided Design (CAD) software technology, flamboyant design, complex decorative architecture and detailed large-scale facades in metal are now more easily achieved. The Ox Engineering metal engineering workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment, capable of producing some of the largest works in Australia. They also have laser machines that can cut larger than 9 metres capacity and 1,000 ton bending capacity, with an 8 metres range in one piece.

The flexibility of this equipment is such that various shapes and designs can be created with relative ease. CAD and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) have enabled the development of the 'virtual workshop', where once expensive 'floor development' and testing is now performed, with greater precision and quality, the advent of the digital era has advanced 3D manufacturing technology.

Ox Engineering

Undertaking any research and development in Australia is very expensive, however Ox Engineering have been committed to developing advanced architectural products using the latest technology. Their main focus for the future is to push the boundaries and challenge the manufacturing market to use precision engineering techniques in pre-fabricated housing and commercial buildings.

Ox Engineering has a multimillion-dollar investment in state of the art engineering machinery that has advanced in the last 25 years. They have recently invested in a 5-axis router - the largest in Australia - that can machine 14 metres x 5 metres x 2 metres in one piece.

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