Letter to the Editor RE: 'Multiple Pools, one set of equipment'

Wednesday, 25 May, 2016

Letter to the Editor RE: 'Multiple Pools, one set of equipment'

Regarding your article, ‘Multiple pools, one set of equipment?’ [Pool+Spa May/June 2016], I agree with everything published, but my first thought was overflow issues.

If the system has been set up correctly, and the water drawn from each pool is equal, and the return water also equal, then everything should run smoothly. However, if one pool has been compromised with debris or blockages, then you would expect more water to be drawn from the remaining pools, risking the water level getting too low and being unable to correct.

The reverse is also true. If the pool return(s) on a single pool are blocked or impeded in any way, then the remaining pools would have extra water distributed back, leading to a possible overflow issue. If this went unchecked, and enough water overflowed, then it’s possible that all pools would have insufficient water and the pump could run dry. This could be exacerbated with a high bather load, in that the more people in the pool with a higher-than-usual water level, the more ‘splash out’ would occur. If there wasn’t a ‘low water’ redundancy built in, such as in some chlorine-dosing machines, the pump could burn out or, in a worst case scenario, catch fire.

Kind regards,


Jim’s Pool Care, Kellyville


Image credit: ©FreeImages.com/Marcel Hol

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