29 April deadline looms: SPASA still concerned about fencing legislation changes

SPASA New South Wales & ACT

By Spiros Dassakis
Monday, 07 March, 2016

29 April deadline looms: SPASA still concerned about fencing legislation changes

Changes to the NSW swimming pool legislation are due to take effect on 29 April 2016.

SPASA has been outspoken over its belief that there are not enough available resources to ensure compliance of the proposed swimming pool barrier inspections by this date.

The swimming pool barrier inspection deadline has already been delayed twice. The original deadline was 29 April 2014; then 29 April 2015; and now it is 29 April 2016.

SPASA supported the 29 April 2016 implementation but only if government moved quickly to address the many shortcomings raised within the recent ‘Review of the Swimming Pool Barrier Requirements for Backyard Swimming Pools in NSW’ (Lambert Review) submission and, in particular, expanding the criteria for individuals to become E1 Certifiers as well as the establishment of a Pool Safety Council or Committee.

SPASA understands the Lambert Review was provided to government in December 2015 while the Building Professionals Board conducted its own limited review on Swimming Pool Certifier requirements in November 2015.

SPASA has urged the government for a decision and public announcement to be made as soon as possible regarding the commencement of the swimming pool inspection program and whether there will be any changes to its proposed format.

It is not unreasonable that many stakeholders feel very nervous when there is no announcement or promotion of the swimming pool inspection program with less than 8 weeks to go.

Despite not knowing what will and will not happen on 29 April 2016, we all must continue to encourage home owners and landlords to act fast and have their pools certified as safe and compliant to avoid any unnecessary delays in selling or leasing their properties.

Do you have a view? What is the feeling out there in your specific sector?

Spiros Dassakis

Chief Executive Officer


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