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Friday, 01 July, 2016 | Supplied by: Waterco Limited

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Berkeley Square in Mayfair, London, is known for many things: the beautiful gardens at its centre, which, being planted in 1789, make them amongst the oldest in central London; its famous past residents (some of whom are fictional literary characters); and even an alleged haunted house.

However, the past is now meeting the present, with the newest addition to Berkeley Square paving the way for modern design, atmosphere and cuisine.

Sexy Fish’, an Asian fish and seafood restaurant, has quickly been adopted as the cool new thing on the block in a few months, and it’s little wonder why — with an interior designed by Martin Brudnizki Design Studio that is home to one of the world’s largest Japanese whisky collections, reservations are becoming harder and harder to get.

Sexy Fish restaurant.

The incredible food isn’t the only talking point of the restaurant — a striking waterfall feature made up of three large windows with water running down them is catching the eye of all customers.

“Because of the prominence of this water feature, Aquajoy Water Gardens was asked to supply a solution that would ensure the water remained crystal clear, without odours or any contaminants,” said Tony Fisher, managing director of Waterco Europe.

“Keeping the system low maintenance was also a high priority — the hospitality industry is all about service, and so the focus of the staff needs to remain solely on the customers, rather than on maintaining a water feature.”

Aquajoy Water Gardens worked in conjunction with David Harber of David Harber Ltd, which designs and fabricates amazing water features and sculptures. The David Harber team was given the task of designing something really special and unique, which they have clearly accomplished with the installation at Sexy Fish.

Close-up of the water feature.

With a £20 million fit-out, including various sculptures by Damien Hirst worth up to £500,000 each, Sexy Fish needed the absolute best products to complete their water feature installation.

“Working closely with Ian Owen, managing director of Aquajoy, due to the odour associated with the use of chlorine, it was considered an unsuitable choice for the restaurant,” said Fisher.

“Hydroxypure produces no odours, and is also much less time-consuming when it comes to maintenance. The system automatically adjusts dosage levels when an imbalance in the water is detected, which acts as a preventive method to water health problems.”

The bar and water feature.

The three large windows measure 5.5 m wide by 3.5 m high, and the water feature has a flow rate of 16,2000 L/min covering the windows when it runs all day and night while the restaurant is open.

Aquajoy Water Gardens also installed a T450 sand filter and an Aquamite pump to support the Hydroxypure system.

“In a short while, the Sexy Fish has become a regular haunt of Britain’s rich and famous, and so everything about the restaurant has to reflect the highest level of quality and style,” Fisher and Owen explained.

“This even extends to all the nitty-gritty, behind-the-scenes elements, like the pump, filter and sanitation systems that work together to run the restaurant’s prominent water feature.

“The Hydroxypure system in particular allows this water feature to present its very best, as it doesn’t produce any smell or leave any marks on the windows.”

The Hydroxypure set-up behind the scenes.

Project specifications:


Chlorine-, bromine- and salt-free, Waterco’s Hydroxypure offers pool, pond and water feature owners the opportunity to ensure consistently high water clarity and quality with minimal maintenance, no smell and no chemical by-products.

Hydroxypure uses the process of oxidisation to purify water, leaving it enriched with oxygen and without contaminants. The automated system is easy to install and maintain, and is suitable for both commercial and domestic applications.

T450 sand filter

This thermoplastic top-mount sand filter is suitable for pools and water features up to 45,700 L in size — and the thermoplastic sand filters feature a polymer mix that’s abrasion-proof for long-lasting performance.

Easy to maintain, this sand filter offers the best of economical, durable, efficient filtration. Suitable for domestic and commercial applications, Waterco offers a 10-year tank warranty (five years for commercial).

Aquamite pump

The Aquamite pump is suitable for domestic swimming pools, ponds and small water features, making it a versatile pump to have on hand. Its efficient hydraulic performance reduces energy usage by shortening run times, which also reduces turbulence.

Constructed from state-of-the-art engineering plastic moulding, its quick-connect unions make it easy to install.

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