Nubian revolutionises swimming pool treatment across Australia

Tuesday, 31 July, 2012

With its advanced technology, Nubian is revolutionising swim schools across Australia and around the world with its pool water treatment and monitoring systems. Recognising the need for healthier and less chemically treated water, Swim Australia's CEO, Ross Gage, engaged pool consultant Alan Lewis from Aquazure to design the ultimate water management system as a best-practice example for his industry. The outcome was a new approach using advanced technologies to treat and monitor pool water.

"Consumers want a more pleasant swimming experience for themselves and their children with fewer chemicals," says Ross. "This pushed us to find a solution that created a new benchmark for the industry that's cost-effective."

Technology ensures better quality water

The pilot system uses ozone and CO2 treatment technologies to purify water, leading to a reduction in acid and chlorine use. This leads to better quality water, a more cost-efficient system to run, far less reliance on chemical treatment and a better experience for pool users.

The brain behind this system is Nubian's HydroGuard Diagnostic Water Management System. It enables precise water management of each pool system. HydroGuard's cutting edge Blue I technology offers highly intuitive and accurate real-time monitoring and adjustment of water quality. Particularly useful to the pool industry are colorimetric calibration-free chlorine analysers, which give a far more accurate chlorine reading than traditional methods. This ensures correct chlorine dosing, saving precious chemicals and offering better-quality water for pool users.

HydroGuard Water Quality Analysers have an intuitive graphical user interface for easy setup. With self-calibration, self-cleaning and long term stabilisation, they deliver much longer maintenance intervals than conventional monitoring systems.

Real-time monitoring and adjustments with the Nulink Remote Management System

The revolution was taken one step further with the addition of Nubian's newest innovation, NuLink. NuLink allows real-time monitoring and adjustments to the system without leaving the comfort of the office.

The NuLink remote management system is a purpose-built software interface that enables remote access to any treatment system. Staff can make immediate adjustments to the treatment system via their computer desktop, saving time and resources.

The NuLink system is an adaptable hardware and software platform that enables remote access, data capture and logging and control of equipment and instrumentation. The system is built from a robust industrial hardware platform and conforms to industrial standards IEC61131-3 and OPC. Sensors, instruments and IO devices can easily be added for maximum flexibility. The system also integrates seamlessly with IT infrastructure through its ODBC compliance.

Remote access now extends to smart phones, with apps available for the same real-time access and management from anywhere in the world.

Nubian Water Systems

Nubian Water Systems is an Australian owned company that develops and distributes sustainable water solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial markets in the urban environment. Nubian has pioneered advancements in technology that ensure the highest-quality recycled or purified water that are efficient, easy and flexible to install and maintain. Nubian is based in Sydney - its systems can be purchased directly or through distributors.

"The Nubian system allows us to very accurately monitor and treat our water and make adjustments in real time without having to run down the back to the treatment room," says Ross. "I can even adjust the system off-site. It's fast and so efficient, and this means our staff can focus on what's important: better serving our customers."

Together, Aquazure, Nubian Water Systems and Swim Australia have developed a best-practice standard, offering swim schools the ability to make better use of their resources and give a better swim experience.

Nubian Water Systems is working in partnership with Swim Australia to develop more projects like this in Australia, with a portion of proceeds going to Swim Australia's vital Swim Safety and Drowning Prevention Programs.

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