Letter to the Editor: RE: Comment on Public pool filter standards urgently needed

Tuesday, 16 February, 2016

Letter to the Editor: RE: Comment on Public pool filter standards urgently needed

While I respect anyone who has 35 years’ experience in this industry, Mr Cockerell’s remark [‘Public pool filter standards urgently needed’] about a Standard for private pool filters is way off the mark. There is and has never been an Australian Standard, nor do I believe has there been such an industry standard.

As to filtration standards for public pool filters, Mr Cockerell and other states could do a lot worse than look at the performance requirements in the WA Code of Practice for the Construction of Public Pools.

I heartily agree on the need for some standard of filtration in public pools as recently an organisation from the east (where they can use anything) installed a facility in WA that was quickly closed down by the Health Department because it had not received prior approval. To make this pool compliant, the filtration rate had to be increased by a factor of four.

The WA Code does not prescribe public pool filter characteristics; rather, it requires various water turnover rates and various filter flow rates for different bathing levels and classes of public pools — all of which must be confirmed by an approved hydraulics consultant.

While there are requirements in this Code I may dislike, it certainly results in excellent public pools and clear water.

Cal Stanley


Neptune Pools

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