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Swimming Pool & Spa Alliance Respond to "SPASA Australia Steps Up"

Tuesday, 26 March, 2013

In response to the statement by SPASA Australia titled "SPASA Australia Steps-Up," Spiros Dassakis, CEO of the Swimming Pool and Spa Alliance has released the following comment. 

SPASA has not been provided with any notice by SPASA AUSTRALIA regarding its actions and we have not at any stage resigned our membership.

We remain concerned that the Board of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Australia has purported to hold a meeting that was not properly called and we reject any action taken by it as being entirely invalid. In this regard, we are exploring our options.

The Swimming Pool and Spa Alliance has always been willing to meet with the other SPASA organisations with the view of drafting a new chapter for the swimming pool and spa industry.

In fact, SPASA NSW President, Peter Moore and the then SPASA AUSTRALIA Company Secretary, Cal Stanley repeatedly attempted to organise a number of meetings but the individual SPASA states preferred legal action rather than dialogue. Consequently, Cal Stanley resigned immediately in protest.

Members are the greatest asset that any membership based organisation can ever hope to have. Member’s loyalty, commitment, a want for a better economic and regulatory future is what keeps industry associations alive and members actively involved.

We are amazed that it took the actions of SPASA NSW to awaken the rest of the SPASA organisations to want to “step up” and acknowledge their member’s needs.

It would seem that the four SPASA organisations have had a “light bulb” moment and have now agreed to do the very things SPASA NSW has been fighting for all along. Disappointingly for their members, they have already spent many tens of thousands of dollars to come to the same realisation. Whilst their actions are an acknowledgment of SPASA NSW’s vision – they still have much work to do.

I would like to pose some questions to every SPASA member in Australia.

  1. Were you informed that your membership fees would be spent on a legal case against SPASA NSW?
  2. How much of your member fees has your local SPASA organisation already spent on funding this legal challenge? How much more has been committed?
  3. Have you been advised on how much more of your membership fees they intend to spend - win or lose?
  4. As a member, what are you getting for the money that has been spent on this legal case?
  5. Should your membership fees have been put to better use, such as reduced member fees, industry representation, education and lobbying?

Both the management and the Board of the Swimming Pool & Spa Alliance believe in vision, leadership and in the future of this industry. Members deserve more.

Kind Regards
Spiros Dassakis - JP
Chief Executive Officer 

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