SPASA Women in Leadership — don't miss out

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Wednesday, 29 May, 2019

SPASA Women in Leadership — don't miss out

Want to win over the most difficult customers? Join us for the Communications in Action workshop, presented by Ros Ronning, to learn the secrets of success.

In our work life, we spend about 70% of our time communicating with others, whether listening, reading, writing or speaking. Discussions between people enable the work of individuals to be combined and coordinated to produce results. Therefore, effective communications are vital to personal and professional success.

If you have ever found yourself muttering under your breath, ‘what part of that did you not understand?’, voicing your frustration by saying ‘how many times do I have to tell/show you…!’ or wondering why your colleagues ‘don’t get it’, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that effective communication is one of the greatest challenges and barriers to success.

People have very predictable and observable patterns of behaviour which become evident when they are in discussions with others, and these behaviours underpin our ability to communicate effectively. It’s not that you aren’t making yourself abundantly clear, it’s more a matter that you are speaking a different style of language.

The Communications in Action workshop is a hands-on interactive and fun way to learn the language of others. The skills you learn in this session will help you become more effective in your personal, social and professional life. You will learn how to recognise personal preferences and communication patterns in others and to how to adapt your own style to more directly meet those preferences, to create a sense of comfort, which in turn leads to a more collaborative mindset and greater personal success.

Come to the Communications in Action workshop and we will share the secret to success. It’s fun, it’s interactive, and we learn how to shape our messages so others WANT to listen to us.

When: 5 June 2019, 9 am to 4.30 pm

Where: SPASA — 1/33 Daking Street, North Parramatta

Cost: $95 per attendee


  • Complete a self-assessment using the People Profiler Tool
  • Identifying differences in communication preferences; your own and those of others.
  • Create engagement using three critical elements.
  • Adapting behaviours to create collaborative and productive relationships.
  • Recognising behaviours and signs of tension and acknowledging the expectations of others
  • Adapt behaviours to engage even the most difficult people.
  • Learn to differentiate between cooperation and collaboration.


What will you get out of this session?

  • A set of templates to understand your communication preferences and the preferences of others.
  • Techniques for connecting effectively with difficult people.
  • Tips on how to establish collaborative customer/business relationships.

For more information or to view webinars, forums and available workshops, visit or contact Suzie Kent on 1300 021 482 or via email here.

Image credit: ©WavebreakmediaMicro/Dollar Photo Club

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