Hong Kong pool using UV disinfection systems

Friday, 25 October, 2013

The Victoria Park Swimming Pool Complex (VPSPC) in Hong Kong has recently installed 21 Hanovia UV disinfection systems to treat the water in three of its indoor pools and to disinfect harvested rainwater. The UV systems were installed by Jardine Engineering Corp with the help of SmarTech HVAC & Engineering, Hanovia’s local distributor.

The main 50 m competition pool, a 30 m multipurpose pool and an indoor jacuzzi are now all treated with UV. In addition, recycled rainwater used for cleaning floors and toilet flushing is treated with UV prior to use.

“This is a very significant project for us and one that shows just what our UV technology is capable of,” commented Ying Xu, Hanovia’s Asia-Pacific manager. “VPSPC chose Hanovia because, in their opinion, it’s the ideal technology for swimming pool water treatment. UV not only destroys microorganisms but also removes chloramines, resulting in crystal clear water with no accompanying ‘chlorine’ smell.

“Our UV systems can also be sized to handle a huge variety of flow rates, from as high as 1700 m3/h in the main competition pool to the small flow rates required for rainwater treatment - this was an essential requirement.”

Chloramines (also known as combined chlorine) are the unpleasant by-products associated with chlorinated pools; they lie as a vapour over the pool surface and cause eye and skin irritations and have a strong odour which is unpleasant for both bathers and staff. Chloramines not only put people off visiting indoor pools - they can also be a health risk if inhaled regularly.

Chloramines are also highly corrosive and are known to cause significant damage to the physical structures of some indoor pools, which can raise safety concerns. Medium-pressure UV eliminates the problem of chloramines almost entirely due to its wide wavelength spectrum, which destroys mono-, di- and trichloramines. A reduction in chloramines also means less wear and tear on the building and fewer maintenance and repair bills - as well as a safer building.

UV is ideal as not only does it act as a powerful disinfectant in its own right - minimising the use of chlorine - it also destroys any chloramines produced as a result of the residual chlorination, ensuring a healthier environment for swimmers and staff alike. Fewer chloramines also means lower water bills as less water is needed to dilute and flush the pool. UV is also a clean technology, with no by-products of its own.

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