Tapping mobile

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By Tracy Hall, Marketing Director
Monday, 17 June, 2019

Tapping mobile

With more Australians now owning a smartphone than a laptop or computer, the way we’re accessing the internet is changing. In 2014, 71.4% of our internet access was on a computer and just 17.4% on a mobile. Fast forward just five years, however, and those figures are now 51.1% and 38.8% respectively. With the rollout of 5G underway across Australia in 2019, our mobile capabilities are likely to increase further. Adopting a mobile strategy could therefore present significant opportunities for pool and spa businesses to help reach and engage with more customers.

Pools and spas are desirable, high-specification and luxury products, so it’s important to have a mobile strategy that does them justice. You might not get a second chance with a product that is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase for many Australians, so it’s important to capture a customer’s imagination on the platforms they’re using most. Here are a few ways you can do so.

Make your website mobile friendly

One of the first things to consider is whether your website is optimised for mobile screens. This means that your entire website works as effectively, and looks as good, on a mobile as it does on a computer. To test whether it’s optimised for mobile, navigate to your website on your smartphone and ask yourself how it looks and whether it’s compatible. Many of the most effective mobile websites are successful because they don’t overwhelm customers; they’re simple, sleek and user-friendly.

If your desktop website is complex, make the important information easier to find on mobile. If your images are high resolution, consider compressing them so pages load faster. If you have to zoom in to read the text, try using a bigger font, and be more succinct with your words. And because you want to catch customers while they’re interested, make sure your contact details are clearly visible. For pool and spa businesses, your power is in your product. So whether your strengths are the quality of your visuals or the glowing nature of your testimonials, play to them on mobile.

Consider your social media presence

Many an Australian homeowner has dreamed of one day owning a pool or spa; therefore, tactical social media could be a great way to capture your audience’s imagination. Considering 81% of Australians access social media networks from their smartphone, it can be an extremely useful marketing tool if utilised effectively. For example, 80% of Instagram users follow a business account. When you create a business account on Instagram, the platform provides real-time metrics and insights so you can see how followers are interacting with your content.

So, how to capture their imagination? Imagine, for example, all those commuters scrolling through their social media feeds wishing they were anywhere but a crowded train or bus during rush hour. Consider scheduling a post during rush hour with a high-praise testimonial alongside a beautiful photo or video of a swimming pool bathed in sunshine. You might find that, if you time your outreach well, those commuters will soon be thinking of what a pool might look like in their own backyard.

SMS and email promotions

Let’s face it, most of us like offers and discounts, but we don’t all love cold calls. SMS and email marketing can help you target your customers in a subtle, unobtrusive fashion that lets them read your correspondence at their convenience, without cold calling.

No matter how big the discount is, it’s unlikely a customer is going to buy a second swimming pool. But if your business offers a maintenance service or cleaning products, for example, targeted SMS or email mobile promotions could be an effective way to drive customer engagement. Similarly, why not reach out to existing customers offering an incentive if they refer a friend? Try not to bombard them, though. Only send an SMS or email when you can offer them something of value. And offer them the option to opt out, as customers like to have the option to leave.

Advances in mobile technology are helping to raise the standards for what spa and pool businesses can achieve through their websites. And with 5G expected to be introduced in Australia soon, the power of our mobile networks is likely to increase further. So to reach the growing number of customers who use their mobiles to shop and do business, committing to a mobile strategy could see your pool or spa business swimming with new customers.

Image credit: ©stock.adobe.com/au/Maksym Yemelyanov

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