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Wednesday, 28 February, 2018

Stay current with SPASA training

The SPASA Certification and Accreditation Program and 2018 Training Calendar were launched last year, with a focus on the importance of staying current in an ever-evolving industry.

SPASA has consulted with members and key stakeholders to design the most relevant training workshops and, with over 120 on offer, participants will now be recognised for industry best practice right across Australia.

SPASA Australia RTO Manager Peter Holland believes the program has the potential to change the industry.

“It is SPASA Australia’s vision to promote industry skills and professionalism as well as offer a career pathway via training, education and personal/business development. Our continued professional development (CPD) program recognises and rewards both individuals and businesses that promote the importance of ongoing training and development program for their business and the development of their staff.

“We are proud to be at the forefront of the development of a professional industry that offers nationally recognised qualifications, as well as the educational workshops we have developed for the 2018 Training Calendar. It is our commitment to promote and provide qualifications, industry and sector related skills and knowledge in an ever-changing market,” Holland said.

The workshops offered illustrate SPASA’s ongoing commitment to the swimming pool and spa industry and, while everyone can participate, only members of SPASA will have the added benefit of accessing the SPASA Certification and Accreditation Program.

Here is a sample of what’s on offer.

Two 3-hour workshops, delivering a full-day program packed with practical real-world strategies that have been gleaned from the ‘coal face’. At the end of these workshops, we are confident that participants will:

  • See an immediate lift in team professionalism.
  • Be able to inject a little ‘wow’ into sales and customer service performance.
  • Boost margins and profits by making only small changes.
  • Gain an unbeatable competitive edge in pool and spa sales and marketing.
9.00 am–12.00pm Workshop One: Legendary service starts with WOW! (Sales & Customer Service Level 1)

This workshop is a must for your entire team.

Here’s a stunning fact: 68% of surveyed customers said they stopped buying from a business because of ‘indifference’ from sales and service staff. In a time of increased price competition and shopping around online, your products and services are at risk of becoming just another commodity.

The only way to beat the trend and to sustain a competitive advantage is to ensure your team is delivering legendary customer service. Not just okay service, not just good service, but truly awesome service that wows your customer every time... and that’s the focus of this inspiring morning workshop.

In an enjoyable and fast-moving three hours, you and your team will roll up your sleeves and learn valuable new professional selling and customer service delivery skills — skills that are guaranteed to ‘switch the light on’ and energise attendees, enabling them to go on and outperform the competition. You’ll leave this workshop ready to realise immediate sales performance increases and to consistently delight customers. The potential short- and long-term pay-off for your business is huge.

Here’s a quick overview of the topics covered:

  • Engaging with a customer as a professional problem solver, not just an order taker.
  • The simple things that keep customers coming back.
  • Why customers only focus on price if you do... what they really want is value.
  • Your team’s specialist knowledge is a powerful tool, but it can also lose you sales.
  • Conversion rates and how tracking them will sharpen your skills.
  • Legendary customer service doesn’t end with the sale — so what’s the next step?

Who should attend this morning workshop? Frontline staff, managers and business owners.

1.00–4.00 pm Workshop Two: Sales & marketing strategies for pool builders, landscapers and pool & spa professionals (Business Sales & Marketing)

Whether yours is a small pool-building business or a market leader in the pool and spa industry, chances are you’re up to your armpits in a concrete pour, burning yourself out chasing up quotes or your head hurts just keeping the business running.

Most business owners and managers suffer this problem and simply don’t get the time to stop and think about the business. They don’t have time to learn about new marketing and sales systems or develop new strategies, even though they know it can have a major positive impact on multiplying sales and growing profits — not to mention freeing up countless hours each month.

In this fast-paced three-hour workshop, you’ll get insights into the latest sales and marketing strategies, learn how to cut quoting times dramatically, find out how the right marketing will attract more of the best projects and learn how to position your brand at the top of the pile. If you want to know how to convert more proposals into top margin success stories, we’ll arm you with proven action steps that you can turn into results the very next day.

An overview of topics covered:

  • The secret to effective lead generation: Don’t get swamped by time-wasting, unqualified leads. You’ll learn how to identify, attract and engage with more of your sweet-spot clients... those wonderful individuals who say ‘yes’ faster, don’t haggle over price, won’t ask you to build ‘dream’ projects and will rave to their friends about you and the quality of your work.
  • How to avoid the ‘ships in the night’ trap: Like it or not, in this internet age you are constantly being ‘shopped’ and judged long before you ever speak with a prospective client. Get that step wrong, and the best prospects pass by like ships in the night. Learn how to get clients to actively and eagerly seek you out first.
  • Your brand: Your brand is absolutely critical when it comes to potential clients putting you on top of the pile. Learn the little things that make your brand sparkle, as well as how you may be harming your brand every day without knowing.
  • Professional selling: Love it or hate it, without selling your business doesn’t exist. Learn the art of true professional selling to achieve spectacular sales results using a step-by-step process that clients love being a part of.
  • How to win the price war: How to win against competitors who undercut at every turn. Using real case studies and proven methods, you’ll find out how others have won jobs at higher price points (even an unbelievable 250% in one case!). You’ll learn a 100% ethical and awesomely powerful method for success in selling high-end projects.
  • Specialised marketing tools: Learn how to help your client ‘own’ their dream project while they insist it be created by you. No... this isn’t another bit of expensive software!
  • Get online: Simple things you need to do online to ensure you stay ahead of the pack.

Who should attend this afternoon workshop? Pool builders, builders, landscapers and all pool and spa industry professionals.

Combined workshop details

Price (inc GST)

Workshop — one full day
Dates and locations

SPASA member Non-member NSW WA VIC ACT SA QLD
$300 $350 16-Mar 19-Mar 20-Mar 21-Mar 22-Mar 23-Mar
12-Apr - - - 11-May 08-Jun
13-Jun 14-Jun 18-Jun 20-Jun 15-Jun 19-Jun
24-Jul - - - 26-Jul 12-Jul

Note — These workshops will also be accessible online. Pricing: Member $240 (inc GST) | Non-Member $280 (inc GST).

Want to know more?

Contact SPASA on 1300 021 482 or visit Once there you can:

SPASA Training is a division of SPASA Australia, the peak swimming pool and spa industry body, dedicated to maintaining and improving the standards and growth within the swimming pool and spa industry for the betterment of members, consumers and the industry in general.

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