SPASA Australia announces groundbreaking Certification & Accreditation Program

SPASA Australia

Friday, 01 September, 2017

SPASA Australia announces groundbreaking Certification & Accreditation Program

SPASA Australia has developed a game-changing initiative for the pool and spa industry: a continuing professional development (CPD) program designed to recognise and promote professionalism. The SPASA Australia Certification & Accreditation Program will reward individuals and businesses for their learning and development efforts by granting them SPASA Accredited or SPASA Certified status (for businesses and individuals respectively).

By becoming certified or accredited with SPASA Australia’s Certification & Accreditation Program, you’ll have the edge over your non-certified/accredited competitors by demonstrating your commitment to professionalism.

It gives you and your business an instantly recognisable badge of professionalism, demonstrating that you have the required education, technical competence, experience and a commitment to your own professional development.

SPASA appreciates that training and development take time, so the program has been designed to make it easy to attain certification and accreditation. There are multiple pathways to qualify for the program, such as attending SPASA industry training and/or events.

“This is an historic achievement for the Australian pool and spa industry. For the first time in the industry’s history, professionals right across Australia have the opportunity to be recognised and rewarded for their knowledge and expertise,” SPASA Australia Chief Operating Officer Spiros Dassakis said.

“As Australia’s only RTO (registered training organisation) dedicated solely to the pool and spa industry, SPASA Australia is committed to upskilling the industry to secure its future. An industry with clear training pathways and skilled, knowledgeable members is one that will be desirable to new entrants.

“A SPASA Certified individual is a credible, knowledgeable point of contact for consumers and the industry alike. SPASA Accredited businesses will attract and retain the best quality professionals by demonstrating their commitment to investing in staff training and development.

“A better-informed industry means better-informed consumers who will see the value in engaging a SPASA Certified professional — which will boost sales and referrals for our members.”

How does it work?

Individuals, employees and business members of SPASA are automatically eligible to participate in the SPASA Certification & Accreditation Program and can start at any time.

SPASA will record CPD points earned by individuals, employees and business members of SPASA against their profile on the SPASA database. A member’s Certification or Accreditation status will be highlighted on the SPASA website directory.

Individuals and businesses who achieve Certification and/or Accreditation will be eligible to use the SPASA Certified and/or Accredited logos in advertising and marketing materials to promote their status.

How do I do it?

SPASA members will automatically qualify as SPASA Certified when they achieve and retain 12 SPASA CPD points annually. CPD points will be awarded each time a member participates in a SPASA CPD event.

SPASA members can participate in CPD in the following ways:

  • Nationally recognised qualifications for pool builders and pool service technicians.
  • Short courses for pool builders, pool service technicians, retailers and other sectors of the industry.
  • SPASA approved courses.
  • SPASA CPD meetings, seminars and workshops.

Businesses may apply to become SPASA Accredited when their key employees achieve and retain 12 SPASA CPD points annually.

Examples of CPD opportunities include:

  • meetings and workshops;
  • seminars and conferences;
  • participating in industry local committees;
  • SPASA courses, presentations and webinars;
  • SPASA-approved CPD opportunities provided by member suppliers and other organisations;
  • other SPASA accepted courses that are relevant to the member’s approved membership category.

Want to know more?

SPASA will outline the full details of the Program at the Leadership Convention on 31 August. We’ll also share more information on, or contact your local SPASA office for information.

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