Sta-rite enviroMAX 1100 variable speed pump

01 May, 2015 | Pentair Aquatic Systems

Available through Pentair, the Sta-rite enviroMAX 1100 variable speed pump has four programmable speeds, allowing users to select the most efficient setting for filtration, cleaning and water feature requirements.

AstralPool Hi NRG gas-fired pool and spa heater

30 April, 2015 | AstralPool

The AstralPool HiNRG gas-fired pool and spa heater incorporates a conventional heat exchanger combined with a fixed premix combustion system. It offers an efficiency of 83% and reliable performance in all weather conditions.

Slimwall modular wall system

29 April, 2015 | Modular Wall Systems

Slimwall by Modular Wall Systems is a lightweight panel and post modular wall system. Made from strong composite materials including fibre cement sheeting, the panels have been designed to withstand Australia's harsh outdoor environment.

Lorentz PS range solar pool pumps

27 April, 2015 | SCE Energy Solutions

SCE Energy Solutions has available the PS range of Lorentz solar pool pumps. Two variants are available: the low-voltage PS 600 residential pump and the PS 1800 commercial pump.

AIS AutoChlor Midi Series and Chrome chlorinators

24 April, 2015 | Australian Innovative Systems (AIS)

Australian Innovative Systems (AIS) has expanded its range of chlorine generators with the AutoChlor Midi Series and Chrome chlorinators. The chlorinators are suitable for semicommercial facilities and first home buyers/investors.

Barthelme AQUALUC C:URVE Mini LED strip lighting

23 April, 2015 | Form and Light Pty Ltd

Barthelme has extended the AQUALUC range of homogenous, flexible LED strip lighting with the C:URVE Mini, which has a cross-section of 13.5 x 6 mm and a maximal length of 7.5 m.

Tintometer PM 530 photometer

21 April, 2015

The PM 630 photometer from The Tintometer Group introduces data management and Bluetooth functionality to the PM 600 series of photometers. With 34 precalibrated pool methods, the series has now been expanded to include wireless Bluetooth data transmission.

Accent HWP7SB pool and spa heat pump

21 April, 2015 | Rheem Australia

Accent has added the HWP7SB to its SB pool and spa heat pump range. Designed for Australian conditions, the heat pump is capable of heating water to 38°C even in cold locations, with testing proven as low as 2°C.

Waterco Blue Square Q360 in-floor pool cleaning system

21 April, 2015 | Waterco Limited

Waterco's Blue Square Q360 in-floor pool cleaning system's design has fewer moving parts to propel water more effectively through the system. It includes 360°, 14-point rotation in-floor mounted cleaning jets that rise successively to sweep debris from the pool floor and steps.

Remco SwimJet system

16 April, 2015 | Remco Australia Pty Ltd

The Remco SwimJet provides a bubble-free swimming stream using an impeller system that creates a powerful underwater current. With a range of seven speeds and a remote control system, the system can be used for activities from a physical workout to a remedial massage.

International Quadratics C-5 Tablet for bacteria removal

15 April, 2015 | International Quadratics

The C-5 Tablet from IQ and Pierce Pool Supplies is a simple-to-use 'peel and pop' tablet that can be applied directly into the water to kill Cryptosporidium and other bacteria in commercial and residential pools.

Pentair MasterTemp 125 spa heater

10 April, 2015 | Pentair Aquatic Systems

The Pentair MasterTemp 125 spa heater offers energy savings and operating features usually only available in larger heaters. Its pre-mixed gas combustion technology offers high thermal efficiency.

S.R. Smith heliX pool slide

07 April, 2015 | SR Smith

The 2.2 m high heliX pool slide from S.R. Smith has a 360° rotomoulded flume that is 3.8 m long. The wide flume with high walls is engineered from strong, stable material that resists corrosion from harsh climates and pool environments.


17 March, 2015 | LATICRETE Pty Ltd

PERMACOLOR Select from LATICRETE is a high-performance cement grout. According to the company, it offers the industry's first dispersible dry pigment solution.

AquaFRESH by Lo-Chlor automated chlorine-free system

12 March, 2015 | Lo-Chlor

Lo-Chlor's AquaFRESH system is a fully automated, chlorine-free water management system for domestic swimming pools. The proprietary three-part system delivers clean, bacteria-free water without the use of chemicals such as chlorine or hydrogen peroxide.

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