Matt Hill Projects landscape lighting and sculpture

28 January, 2016 | Matt Hill Projects

Industrial artist Matt Hill produces bespoke landscape lighting and sculptures for outdoor spaces. His pieces are constructed of corten and mild steel and lit by 12 V waterproof LED lights, transforming from sculptures by day to light features by night.

D&D Technologies MagnaLatch ALERT gate latch and electronic alarm

27 January, 2016 | D&D Technologies

D&D Technologies has developed the MagnaLatch ALERT, a combined gate latch and electronic alarm. The device offers a dual alarm system of flashing LED lights and an audible alarm to alert pool owners when a pool gate is left open.

SGS Instruments SLTD 100 Salinity/TDS Test System

22 January, 2016 | Pool Systems

Available through Pool Systems, the SGS Instruments SLTD 100 Salinity/TDS Test System is specifically designed for field technicians, giving them the ability to monitor water temperature, salinity and total dissolved solids (TDS) with one unit.

Phosphate disc for LaMotte WaterLink Spin water testing system

20 January, 2016 | Vendart Pty Ltd

To expand user capability, Vendart has released an additional disc for the LaMotte WaterLink Spin photometer-based pool and spa water testing system. After thorough testing locally, the phosphate disc is now available in Australia.

Astralpool Viron Connect 10 pool automation system

07 January, 2016 | AstralPool

The Astralpool Viron Connect 10 is an intuitive automation system to control the entire pool and spa environment via a user-friendly LCD touch-screen interface.

Theralux Theracare pool builder start-up packages

06 January, 2016 | International Quadratics

Theralux has launched an exciting new range of bundle packages exclusively for pool builders. The Theracare start-up packs provide builders with the opportunity to accessorise customer pools with commonly required items.

Davey ProMatic salt water chlorinator

01 January, 2016 | Davey Water Products

The ProMatic 'all in one' saltwater chlorinator from Davey is suitable for use with therapeutic magnesium mineral salts, standard pool salt or a combination of both. It offers sanitisation and cleaning capabilities and features self-cleaning 'mechanical wiper technology', ensuring pool water stays fresh and bacteria-free.

Aflex Technology inflatables

01 January, 2016 | Aflex Technology Ltd

Inflatables specialist Aflex Technology provides inflatable units for use in pools and aquatic centres. The range incorporates obstacle courses, slides, animals, pool toys and modular adventure products to encourage active play.

Pentair FreeFlo cartridge filter

01 January, 2016 | Pentair Aquatic Systems

The FreeFlo cartridge filter from Pentair combines good filter performance with low maintenance. The design uses special filter elements to strip particles as small as 8 µm from pool water.

Esam FluxJet Series side-channel blowers

23 December, 2015 | Esam Australia

The Flux Jet range of side-channel blowers from Esam is suitable for use in domestic spas and swimming pools.

Lo-Chlor Super Shock and Swim non-chlorine shock treatment

11 December, 2015 | Lo-Chlor

Lo-Chlor Super Shock and Swim is suitable for oxidising pool and spa water because it reacts quickly to eliminate bather waste, increases existing sanitiser efficiency and enhances water clarity and bather comfort. It eliminates the need to shock the pool or spa with heavy chlorine-based products, which can cause chemical-smelling odours and nasal irritation.

Pentair Aquatic Systems MEGASKIM pool skimmer

10 December, 2015 | Pentair Aquatic Systems

The Pentair MEGASKIM pool skimmer is designed with both the pool builder and pool owner in mind, providing a solution that is simple to install and use.

Daisy pool sales templates

10 December, 2015 | Daisy Pool Covers

Based on the success of Daisy dig templates, which take the guesswork out of digging for fibreglass pool installations, the company's range of sales templates helps potential pool owners visualise their new pool.

Ceramic Solutions Stark bulkheads

09 December, 2015 | Ceramic Solutions

The limitations placed on local government budgets and cost of new-build aquatic centres has led many facilities to review the type of upgrades and provisions aquatic facilities can achieve. With many venues having existing 50 m long pools, bulkheads — otherwise known as booms — offer a way to accommodate a variety of water activities simultaneously within separate areas of the same swimming pool.

Waterco FloVis precision flow meter

09 December, 2015 | Waterco Limited

Waterco's precision flow meter for swimming pools, spas, fountains and water features now has a specialised model suitable for pool heaters.

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