The benefits of greenwalls

By Pool+Spa Staff
Thursday, 10 December, 2015

The greenwall company

30 years ago Mark Paul, former Horticulturist of the Year and founder of The Greenwall Company, installed what is believed to be the very first greenwall in Australia. Today, greenwalls have grown significantly in popularity and, as a result, are more readily available in a variety of formats.

Paul says, “I’m proud of the fact that my first greenwall is still flourishing today; however, I do warn DIY gardeners that it’s not as simple as planting a few potted plants on a wall. There is a science to it, which has evolved over the past 30 years and continues to do so.”

Greenwalls have always been admired for their aesthetic, which to many is their initial appeal; however, the greening of internal and external building facades and the installation of greenroofs goes far beyond visual appeal.

The Greenwall Company believes there is opportunity to educate everyone from government officials to home owners on the true environmental and sustainable benefits a greenwall project can provide.

Paul identifies the many little known benefits of greening spaces:

  • Greenwalls can be installed indoors or outdoors without size limitations.
  • There are countless creative possibilities — no two installations look the same, which guarantees aesthetic impact.
  • Greenwalls provide thermal isolation of any surface, providing energy savings.
  • The absorption of pollutants and noise improves acoustics.
  • Plants increase relative humidity and air oxygenation while withdrawing carbon from the atmosphere, reducing the greenhouse effect.
  • Greenwalls are constructed on a frame made of re-used and recycled materials that is attached to the wall, preventing moisture contact.
  • Automated drip reticulation systems minimise maintenance and reduce water consumption.
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